Things and stuff ironed themselves out and we were able to make a run Oop Nord this weekend. Of course we have to be back to work on Monday and we didn’t get rolling until after noon on Saturday so this was more of a hell ride than a visit. On the other hand, we got to see the Qs and meet the kitties in person. Oh yes, I have kitteh pictures. I also have pictures of general up north things but I think kittens trump general up north things.

The kittens have an entire room and porch to themselves and while we were there, they had the run of the foyer area at the top of the stairs. We managed to snap over 100 pictures in about 45 minutes of awesome kitten time but I’ll spare you the bulk of them and just give the highlights. Besides, there were a lot of pictures of kitty butts as this or that kitten sped out of the picture as we tried to snap it. TheMan postulates that it takes 3 people to get a decent kitten picture, one to man the camera, one to distract the kittens and the third to also distract the kittens. Kittens have a lot of energy.

This little fella, one of the blue boys, was sitting on the chair all “What?” when we first opened the kitten room door.

While this fella, the ruddy boy, was the first out of the door. ZOOM! Cats are crazy, they are always wanting to be on the other side of the door.

We got a couple cat toys and the games were on. Here are the three blues all trying to be the one who gets the feather. The chances are really good that we will wind up with one of the two older blues because the littlest blue is quite reserved (for an Abby kitten) and Monica (the breeder) doesn’t want to place him in a home with an older grumpy cat. Not that we’re talking about anyone in particular *cough*VandeCat*cough* but the other two blues have a better personality for enduring the crankiness of an established old fart cat.

On the other hand, this fella isn’t growing into his body the way Monica likes to see a male kitten at this stage in the game. Apparently male kittens have to be super awesome exciting grand to keep intact for showing and breeding because they aren’t as in demand as female kittens. I love how this little guy looks and now that he’s older there is a slightly better chance he might not be show quality. We won’t know for sure until October when the kittens are even older and have gone to their first show. What we do know for sure is this guy has a thing for shoes.

Pretty pretty ruddy and mom. The mom cat is gorgeous!

As well as devious and a bit of a butt. Here she is sitting on the coffee table and dangling her tail just within taunting range of the ruddy. He spent a good couple of minutes trying to get! that! tail! while momma cat sat there sedately keeping it just out of his reach.

“Hey, I’m pretty too!”

It was more difficult to tell the blues apart because they were really close in color and two were really similar in marking. The littlest blue has really promising markings and if you had all three of them lined up you could tell which one he was. Unfortunately it was hard to get even two kittens to stand still much less three or all four of them. We have no picture of all four kittens in one place.

Here are two of them and the kitty particle accelerator.

“Woah! Feather!”


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    I don’t even like cats yet I find these utterly adorable!!! Too too cute!!! 🙂

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