There and Back Again: Hell-Riding Oop Nord pt. 1

After taking care of some Saturday chores, including getting new tires for the bug (we had a bubble on one of them the size of a Silly Putty egg), we finally set off to the Great White North. Or maybe it should be Grey White North. Hmmm!

Never fear, snacks are here! One of our chores was obtaining snacks because someone forgot to go shopping before Saturday. Oops.

Around Flint-ish, I think, they split off the fast lane into this single other lane which paralleled the highway for a couple of miles. I thought for sure we were going to be stopped while the other two lanes zipped ahead (they are behind the cement barriers on the right) but no. They stopped and we trucked along at highway speeds until we all got together again. Why? Who knows!

Cue rain. This is probably because I had just charged the camera and pulled off all the pics (my camera was FULL!) in order to have a fresh plate for up north picture taking. Stoopid weather.

It occurs to me that I almost always try to get that money shot with the second upright framed perfectly in the eye of the first upright so today I have a different bridge shot for you.

Coming into Marquette we discovered that they had put in a roundabout! Who says the U.P. is backwards and behind the times? BEHOLD! Roundabout! (For those of you wondering, this is actually leaving Marquette, my inbound shot didn’t turn out well).

When we pulled in to the Q’s house, we were accosted by MomQ’s Curbside Cosmos. Aieeee!

Then I opened the door to find angry cabbage. Cabbage what was ready to cut me! AIEEEE! TheMan pulled up and deposited me in the driveway and then pulled back into place…

…where the marigolds lurked around keeping an eye on the bug. For such a short growing season, MomQ gets some pretty fantastic (and aggressive) stuff.

Sunday we made a supplies run to Econo Foods for snacks at camp and lo! Check out the truck!

And of course kittens.

And then it was out to camp, which really is a nice little A-Frame cottage but Oop Nord you have to call ’em camps or you’ll get looked at funny. I do not know if I’ve ever shot a pic of camp so here it is. In the background is Lake Superior (right past the bunch of rocks).

Of course the sauna, which you have to pronounce SOWnah because that’s how the Finns say it. I prefer SawNa but I get laughed at and corrected. Oh just you wait, you Yoopers, down here we have SAWnas and cottages. HA!

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