There and Back Again: Hell-Riding Oop Nord pt. 2

Here’s camp standing lake side and shooting back into the forested area. The SOWnah is to the left of the picture. By the way, camp has a new roof and a new paint job too…I can’t even imagine how the work crews got out there because camp road makes two tracks look like paved highway. During the spring you have to share the road with a river which empties out into Lake Superior somewheres and if it’s not rock, it’s muck you are traveling on. Apparently, the roofer’s trucks did quite a number on the lawn, such as it is out at camp.

In one of the front windows (or side? I’m not sure the exact orientation of camp. The window on the side where we always park the cars and the side you can see in both pictures I took) there are a bunch of rocks painted like little houses. The Qs have groups of guests over from time to time and either one group did all these houses (there are perhaps a village of 10 stone houses) or one group that keeps coming out does a house every time or something. Anyway, when people come out to camp they usually leave some sort of token.

In the inside, one whole wall is almost all dedicated to flat rocks people have signed. They date back quite a ways (maybe 10 years?) and it’s fun to look through them all to see what they guests have to say.

Here’s a little camp side table and one of the many oil lamps that hang around. There is only electricity when the generator is run so most of the light and heat are oil, wood or gas. The appliances run on gas (gas powered fridge!) and there are two gas lamps which are super bright as well as a little gas heater thingit.

However, most of the heat is supplied by lighting a fire in the fireplace and feeding it continuously until the chimny becomes warm enough to heat the whole place.

Which it eventually does. FIRE!

Speaking of guests, this little fella was wandering about the door when we got in. We relocated him to a convenient tree which he seemed…I guess content with. It’s hard to tell with bugs.

These fellas aren’t so much guests as they are permanent little decorations. I think they are “working dudes” or something like that and there are about 10 or so of them hanging about doing their clay troll thing. Rumor has it DQ fashioned them when she was in school.

While shopping for snacks I ran into these GIANT MARSHMALLOWS. We had a bag of regular marshmallows for comparison (the regular ones were hanging in one of the camp cupboards) just to exemplify the freekishly huge nature of these colossal mallows.

Of course we built a beach fire to roast the mallow-saurs because we had a scientific mission to discover their roasting and s’more-ing properties. As it turns out, you can’t really get the whole giant mallow to gooey up before the outside sets on fire. You also can’t do the quick au flambe rout either since the outside chars while the inside stays a big knot of mallow with a slim layer of gooey betwixt the two. Hrrrm. Strike two for the Mallowzillas are that they squish out beyond they typical graham 3×3 square dimensions but squarely so which doesn’t work well for the next increment of graham dimension: 3×6. If they squished out rectangularly that would have been awesome but they did not. Stoopid obeying something or other laws of physics marshmallows. Lastly, having nothing to do with the giant marshmallows at all, s’mores made with Andes Mints WROCK yo.

All too soon it was time to drive home. One thing I’ve never seen since we’ve only visited during Memorial Day and at Christmas, is that the road sides in Marquette are planted with bunches of pretty flowers.

The sky and the lake are almost the same color. Very cool and a little surreal – where’s the horizon!!?!

A shot of the Lake Michigan shore. This was the last bit of serenity we got because…

Holy Crap! Traffic! We got to the bridge about…1ish I think, and we though we had left enough time for the Labor Day Bridge walk to clear out but as it happens, we hit the time where the last of the walkers had gotten back, gotten eats and were clearing the heck outta dodge.

It was like this from the bridge to Gaylord wherein it started to rain like a crazy thing. Then it was stop and go 60 mile an hour traffic until Saginaw. I had no nerve ends left and I was riding shotgun! We got off at Saginaw and took the back roads all the way home. It may have added an extra hour to the trek but nobody was zipping in and out of traffic and nobody was speeding up to slam on their breaks.

Your moment of Superior Zen.

2009: 30 seconds later, I heard the “Wah-wah” of a failed quest so I went back and actually read the text. Apparently Homey McQuestgiver really actually wanted to run both ways uphill in the snow alllllll the way back to the level 15 town. Also? I could probably stand to read the quest text a little more carefully next time.

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