The Mid Week Weekend Review

OK, OK, OK, I’m gettin to it. Sheesh!

Friday. I remember what I did on Friday. Oh yes. I grabbed my three in one Garret files compilation (of which I have read the first two stories) and I read the third one cover to cover…or rather last third of book to cover. Seeings as it’s three books, one binding, the last is rather more accurate but the whole point is that I read for about six hours non stop. I’m not even sure the name of the book I read (all the Garret books are entitled ‘some sort of metal something’ and they all begin to run together. Sweet Silver Blues, Old Tin Sorrows, Bitter Gold Hearts, Angry Lead Skies, Cold Copper Tears…etc.) but I did enjoy reading it.

Sadly, I’m just not built to marathon read anymore. The last couple of years my eyeballs have refused to cooperate with the whole image line up thing and each has gone its own way regarding that philosophy. I don’t know why they can’t get along, all I know is that I see two different images on two different plains without my glasses (which correct for this with a prism). And guess who prefers to read sans glasses? Why 10 boo points if you said boo! But of course. All this really means is that I have to work harder for the image to line up and the line I’m currently reading tends to split at the ends on either side of the point I am reading at (for a fun filled divergent double line of identical words!) but damnit, reading with my glasses is uncomfy!

Thus, at well after midnight, possibly 1am I wandered upstairs all puffy eyed and a little zoned to see what TheMan was doing (World of Warcraft, natch) and thus, I woke up with the mother of all headaches the next morning. We still went over to Rob’s for experimental waffles, which were not his best but pretty good anyhow, and then wandered back home where I sacked out in hopes that sleep would rid me of my head pain. TheMan did responsible chore things, like mow the lawn (and teeter on the verge of heat stroke despite taking a break three times to come in for a huge glass of water. He gave up when his eyeballs started giving him problems and promptly got in the tub and took a 40 minute cold cold shower. Thus, his bran did not plode. Yay.) and put the air conditioner in.

I slept. Aren’t I the prize of wives?

Anyway, the headache wasn’t quitting at 10ish so I up and told it a thing or two and played a little Warcraft. Heh. I created a new character too.

Sunday we did nothing. NOTHING! Well, other than laze about and play more Warcraft, complain about my head (OK, that was mostly me but my head started to feel marginally better once the front actually got here) until it was time to go BBQ, but that I’ve gone over already.

OH! Right! I wasn’t completely useless, I did a load of dishes. The Horde is very strong this bout but I managed to find the sink. Hooray for small efforts.

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