Like Butter on a Skillet

Tar-NATION but is it hot and muggy and generally The Narst outside. Puuuuutrescence! Makes me want to up and visit Dirge and Shar…until October.

Wow. I played no World of Warcraft Wednesday night because I was toasty toast and decided to take a bit of a nap before going upstairs. I turned on the air, took off my stifling work get up (jeans? BEGONE WITH THEM!) and lay on the bed in the path of the cool air and was comfy at last. Unfortunately, the Little Kitty was very excited to have me home so she jumped up on the bed, gave me one happy bleaty “meh” and proceeded to curl up alongside of me, clam happy to be one with cat mom. Great. Just what I need after a steamy day, a warm furry kitty belt. We had a nap, went upstairs where it was about 102 and decided to go right back downstairs to the AC and nap some more. Uuuuuuugly!

I did, however, get the itch to log on yesterday so after some shopping we headed upstairs with our Jedi peanut M&Ms in hand. Oh right. The M&Ms. I was on a quest to find Jedi Peanut M&Ms to see if we ought not to make Light Side gorp this year for Origins. We looked everywhere for them too…the bulk aisle, the discount aisle and the one marked CANDY but alas. *sniff* Then, in the place I should have looked first (for doesn’t everyone keep their Jedi and Sith M&Ms in a free standing knee height cardboard display right in front of the U-scan aisles?) I found my precious M&Ms. I grabbed two bags of peanut Jedi Ms and tried to find peanut Sith Ms but alas. I grabbed a bag of the plain Sith ones anyway, just to check out the coloring. Weirdly, when I got home, I noticed the teeny tiny ‘peanut’ on the packaging so yay that, but boo for the advertising. It’s really hard to tell if you have plain or peanut on those things. Since we had 3 peanut force Ms, we opened one of our two Jedi bags.

Man is that the Ugliest color combo ever. Makes me want to up and join the dark side just for the better color scheme. Jedi Ms come in light, light boring blah khaki, pastel baby blue and this hideous light pastel mint/olive green combo. Perhaps there is also a buff in there too or a cream but damn! It looks like the Shrek colors in the pastel palate and the Shrek colors were pretty hideous. Anyway, we took them upstairs with us to much on while WoWing. Did I mention that it was hot out? It was even hotter upstairs despite the fans trying to blow a cross current through the room. Hot! Hot hot hot! And sticky. Nasty in a word but we donned the appropriate clothing to weather the…err…weather and played on! I was just thinking of it as a 4 hour computer game sauna experience. Sweat, it does the body good!

It wasn’t until I realized that the M&Ms’ chocolate was melted inside their candy shell that I thought, “Woah! It must be quite toasty up here”. Chocolate. Melted. IN THE SHELL! Which, BTW is really awesomely tasty. But still, it was hot enough in our house to turn chocolate to goo. Blech! Tonight we might motor out and see if there is a small window air conditioning unit we can put in the upstairs. As much as the M&Ms were tasty, I don’t particularly want to sit through another night of drippy gaming.

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