The Girl Who Played with Cilantro

Oh noes! Monday the 13th! Must be traffic cone orgy time.

Also it seems like a good time to put up a weekend recap because I did do that weekend thing. Friday, TheMan had a departmental parTAY thing to go to at the end of the day but I was a: Not invited and b: Had to work anyway so we agreed to meet at Starbucks and catch dinner and a movie. We never finalized our plans to see the second Millennium movie (I think that’s what it’s being called…at least I heard someone call them that. I should check. Hold on. Oh, well close; Millennium trilogy) The Girl Who Played with Fire when it was out a ways back so we looked to see if it was still showing. Fortunately the State Theater held it over so we did get to see it in its native Sweedish rather than having to wait for the Hollywoodized remake. I do not have a lot of hope for the Hollywood versions of the movies but we shall see.

Anyway, we went out to eat at Seva again and discovered more cilantro bombs: Humus, the spinach enchiladas and I think maybe the cream of asparagus and mushroom soup. I can’t really taste it unless there is a metric truck ton of the stuff but TheMan can taste cilantro if you put a leaf of it under 20 mattresses. The presence of cilantro in the soup was never confirmed as my soup had mushrooms in it and TheMan also hates him some mushrooms. If you are one of the few people for whom cilantro tastes like soap, avoid Seva’s white bean chili, black bean burger (and probably also the “black bean with spices” in the other dishes, we surmised that “and spices” was probably code for “an ass measuring of cilantro”), humus and the spinach enchladas. There is one more “Girl Who” movie to go so we’ll probably scout out more safe and not safe dishes.

Seva did not have the awesome tiramisu though; apparently they rotate their desserts. Bucca de Beppo might have just reclaimed the top slot again for best tiramisu ever since you can actually get some when you go there. Who doesn’t offer tiramisu of the gods all the time? Seva is so fired!

The movie was in a weird little theater which used to be a much bigger theater until they sliced it in two. The seats were really tiny and the rows were shoved close together too; I prefer the Michigan. The actual movie, however, was pretty good. I don’t think it was as meaty or complete as the first and it ended on a cliffhanger but all in all, a good watch.

Saturday I got up early (!) and did dishes (!) and played some Warcraft (^^) and then when I went to wake TheMan at noonish he was all sleeeeeeepy still. He did not rest well so I snuggled back in to bed to nap a bit. Three hours later I woke up and my neck, which had hurt when I got up in the morning was lumpy and cranky. I might be getting me an ear infection. WAH! We lazed around for a bit and then we started in on the bathroom project (!). Of course things did not go smoothly which necessitated a trip to Lowe’s for some sort of extender thing for the tub drain pipe. I guess we got an extra deep tub and not an extra deep drain whatsit. On the way we hit Meijers for a couple of things and I bought the most awesome muffin tin EVER at Meijers.


I’ve been eyeballing this pan for a while and it was on clearance. So I got it. It even has little dino footprints all over the back. HEE! Unfortunately it’s kind of an awkward shape for actually cooking with despite the visually very cool dino print construction.

Sunday we moseyed over to the BadGardens with dinosaur corn muffins to vet the rest of the 2011 Smithee clips. We learned that Mr. Skullhead from the Residents moonlights as Santa from time to time and we know more about phallic aliens than anyone really should. The U*Con show is set to be assembled (more or less), perhaps I need to start on my promotions work soon. Hmmm!


2009: Dino pan buying and not updating.

2008: JSFR: Koeda (morning time)

2007: Those muffins aren’t going to make themselves!

2006: So obviously I can’t post if I’m making muffins.

2005: Plus I won’t ever add cilantro to corn muffins unlike SOME places.

2004: I think they are downstairs, but so are the crack crazy blood sucking sneak bastard crickets.

2003: I’m looking at YOU Seva.

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