Kittens Part II: Kitty Boogaloo

I do not like these plans. Cut it out.

Way long ago TheMan and I agreed that when the current cats died we would replace them. In all fairness, since they were both my cats originally, TheMan got to pick VandeCat’s “understudy” and I would pick Isaak’s. I don’t think you can ever replace a pet that has passed on but we like having little furballs hanging around the house and generally I like having two cats instead of one. We are learning that even a bitchy cat like a certain British Shorthair I know needs some feline interaction in order to keep the peace of mind, so we looked into getting another cat. I was not ready to get another Siamese when Isaak died, even though I love the breed, so we decided to go with TheMan’s choice of cat: Devon Rex.

TheMan’s friend has Cornish Rex cats, which is what TheMan originally fell in love with, but I do not much like the look of a Cornish Rex. Besides, they are crazy. What TheMan liked was the curly coat and Badmovie’s friends had just gotten kittens from a Devon Rex breeder so we decided on getting a Devon by the same person. This and that came up and we’ve been talking to the Devon breeder for quite a while (and incidentally, this is also tangentially why we are getting an Aby, which I wrote about earlier this month) with no luck. Well, no luck on kittens but she was willing to keep us on the list and call back mid September because she should have all her kittening done by then. Like clockwork, I called today and she wasn’t available…because she was helping her last cat deliver a kitten! SQUEEE!

Later on, after the kitten was settled (there was only one in the litter) she called us back to say there were eight (8!) kittens all together. SQUEEE! There seemed to be all sorts of colors too but she won’t know the specifics until mid October…at which point we should call up again and arrange to go see the kittens. SQUEEE^2!!! KITTEHS!!!!

Sadly, we can’t get the Devon and the Abby at the same time (Aby comes home with us thanksgiving and the Devon will be ready to leave mid January – Birthday Present for me?) which would be awesomely ideal; poor Little Kitty doesn’t need to be overly bounced by an active young kitten. Hopefully come January when we have both kittens they will be bouncing off of each other and Vande can watch and kibbutz. We also seem to have fallen into two active cats which like to be ‘up’ cats and get into things. I’m not sure our house is quite ready for that yet even though we had a Siamese for quite a while. Isaak was never much of an ‘up’ cat although he was an active cat and a talkative cat. We might need to go purchase one of those tall cat trees just to keep our shelves safe.

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