A Day of Cat Harassment

Or otherwise known as Isaak’s birthday. He is 10 today. Wow. 10. How did he get to be that old?

I am so totally going to be one of those mothers who is all “My baby was just crawling and now look, driving a car! Where did the time go?” because dudes, 10 years! Sure I remember itty bitty Isaak climbing up the curtains when he was but wee (and I remember the racket he made when I left him there for a couple hours because it was the upmteenth billion time I had picked his sorry “Can get up but can’t figure out how to get down HELP!” cat butt off the top of the curtains and I finally had it with the curtain climbing) and it really doesn’t seem like 10 years ago. But, I suppose it was and while he is not as wee, he still gets into things. However, in commemoration of today being a cat rollover, I’ll intermix some random pics I have loafing about on the powerbook.

So cats. Lately TheMan and I have been playing an obnoxious amount of WoW upstairs where the computers are and also upstairs where the AC isn’t. It gets upwards of 90 degrees up there on the hot narst days and while TheMan and I can shed clothing and be a little more comfy, the cats have fur. They both are trying to shed it as fast as they can but taking off a shirt and shedding an entire cat are two different things. Still, they are giving it a go and there is cat hair everywhere. What gets me is that we leave the door to the downstairs open and the door to the bedroom with the AC going open(ish) but both of the weirdoes like to hang with their peeps up in the attic of hell.

It’s pretty humorous too. They both tend to go “long cat” (or liquid cat, depending on your point of view I suppose) which is where a cat in a fur coat upstairs where its humans are being dorks in the abysmal heat will lie all sufferable like with all its body parts as far away for any other body part as the cat can manage. Both of them are up there stretched out as much as they can on evenings of WoW and seem to actually enjoy slowly roasting. Cats!

Oddly, both cats have been rather clingy as of late. They have spent their cat evenings melting on the floor upstairs while their humans do that noisy thing with the bright box (that you can’t get into so it’s not really a box) or flopped next to their humans on the couch or running lickety pell mell into the bedroom in order to get there ahead of their humans and jump up on the bed. Apparently, on the bed is the best place to demand scritchies and some cat, whose name I’m not going to mention but who also might have a birthday today, is most strident about getting his scritchies. OK, OK, Ok, I’m coming cat, hold your horses.

They are both on my list, however. TheMan was felled by a Chicago Style pizza late Saturday eve (into Sunday morning) so he opted to sleep on the upstairs futon in order to be close to the porcelain goddess. I get sick and both cats head for parts unknown but TheMan gets ill and you want to know where the cats were? Little bastards spent the remainder of the night with him (at least I know Little Kitty was upstairs. Isaak I’m not certain about, but I bet he was just to spite me). Little ungrateful furry monsters. Hrrmph!

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