Who Loves Ya Wednesday

So yesterday was the last of pics for a while ‘cuz our camera is at the camera doc’s (does one still possessiveise that if you don’t add the implied “place”? I think one ought to so I am. If it’s not right, go read someone who is more of a grammar Nazi than I am) and there has been no prognosis yet. This is not so good, although still within the “4-6 weeks” diagnosis period, as badmovie just happened to let me know Origins is in 2 weeks. Originally he said 1.5 weeks and I almost had an aneurysm because 1.5 weeks! I have puppets and buttons and ARRRGH!

I’m not sure why the extra 0.5 week makes a difference but it does.

Oh! I need to line up cat sitting.

Anyway, So mostly this weekend was spent on our hinders playing WoW. All I got to say is the Druid water form quest sucks mighty ass and the druid (or dr00d as I am fond of typing) water form looks like an unholy ugly but comical cross between a feral tiger, lumpy manatee and an animate pillowcase. From the front it’s an ungangly mish mash of razor filled tiger head on blubbery manatee body but from the rear the non descript back “flippers” look exactly like a dancing Disney happy pillowcase. I don’t know what’s up there but it makes me laugh. Whooo! Fear the mighty pillow case feet! Watch them dance their happy water dance! La!

Other than WoW, we did a tad of shopping and picked up an air conditioner for the upstairs. Huzzah! Unfortunately, it isn’t in yet due to a screen removal snafu so foo. Eventually, though, we will get some cool and the cats wont look so pathetic as they lie about on the floor all jelly like. They make me exhausted just looking at them when they’ve gone long cat because they are boiling over. Or at least they look like they are several degrees above “way too hot, man!” but who knows with cats.

We did get out and attend a really low key birthday over at Rob’s place. Joel and DQ showed up and we ate pizza, played Scattergories (Frickin “name of a tree”. You KNOW everyone’s going to either have “Larch, the” or “Lombard poplar” (they are all Yoopers) and what other “L” tree is there? Really! In 60 or whatever seconds THERE ARE NO OTHER TREES!) and then when our brains began leaking, Joel taught us Texas Hold-em. I enjoyed Texas Hold-em (although I prefer a more lively game o’ poker) but the best part was finally understanding what the heck Wil Wheaton is talking about when he posts his poker posts. River what? Flop who? Huh? It’s all clear to me now. Mostly. I still have problems figuring out what the 4th card is called. The Turn? The Road? The Bend? Whatever.

I also found that I am small blind impaired because I just could not figure out when and where who was supposed to be small blind. Big blind? No problemo. Bamn! My big blind was there on time babE! Small blind? Half the time I was putting out a small blind when the person on the other side of the big blind forgot to put out (heh!) and the other half the time I would be small blind and completely oblivious to that fact. I guess I averaged the correct number of small blinds out on the table by the end of the night but my percentage of times I got it right is really low.

Lastly, on a shopping quest to pick up ingredients for the whitefish pate (that we never did have. huh!), I picked up a travel Perfection. That amused me to no end because who in their right mind thought Perfection would be the perfect travel game? Once maybe but then POP! You’re picking up pieces from all over the car. Of course I had to get it. Of course!

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