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One…Two…Three-No FOUR!

Did I mention that a while back they posted a new internal position and that I applied for it? Well if I did, this is a recap. If I didn’t, then I did and we’re all up to date now. The job is half time manager of the Circ desk and quarter time manager of the shelving students and a quarter time whatever you were previously doing which is a lot of split time. Anyway, I got the news that I did not get the job which…left me kinda relieved. I mean sure, it’s always kind of a bummer when you don’t get the job but I’ll tell you a secret.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that if I got the job it would be a daunting metric truckload of work for me to get up to speed as a manager in that particular department. Not that I *couldn’t* have done it, mind you, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I was really sketchy on some of the key elements of the job. I also sussed out who else was applying (most people had made the interview a private appointment, but you can see blocks of private appointments…including the interviewers blocked off private appointments. Backwards Outlook triangulation FTW! On a related note, Outlook kinda sucks.) and there were two people who I would have hired over me were I interviewing me for the job. Or…ummm…something. Anyway, one of the two eventually got the job so I don’t feel so bad about that. Other than the general “awww” of not being picked that is. I think everyone feels a little let down in that regard.

The coolest thing about the whole shebang is that the interviewers sent out letters to the candidates who interviewed and didn’t get the job before announcing their selection. Nice touch that. Also, they said in the letter that if anyone wanted to talk about their interview, that the interviewers would be happy to talk about things and stuff. How cool is that? Of course I took them up on the offer and I learned quite a bit. Apparently I did not expound as much as I thought I had in some areas so I need to work on spelling things out a little bit more. On the other hand, I got complemented on my cover letter and my professionalism in the interview. Go me!

I think this is a win/win situation for everyone: I got my butt in gear, dusted off my resume and did adult things which made me feel all full of myself indeed. The department got a really stellar person in the position (he already manages the stacks students anyway and knows a lot more about the Circ desk than I do) and his former department didn’t lose much of their people time because he works quarter time there and quarter time there again since he’s from the stacks unit anyway. Now I wish they would make an internal promotion position out of my current job so I’d be totally qualified for all parts of it. I work in a really weird classification which has zero advancement prospects so if I want to move up, which I’d love to do if they offered me an advanced me position, I have to apply elsewhere. My qualifications get really slim for “elsewhere”, sadly.

Have I talked kittens enough? I probably have. I’m still really squee about it though; KITTEHS! Speaking of which, we found out that IAMS, which I feed Vande (formerly the Weirdos) because when I got her the cattery fed her IAMS instead of whatever cheap stuff I was feeding Isaak, has gone to sheit. This I did not know! IAMS used to be the bomb of cat foods back in the day (when I got VandeCat I guess). It looks like we will have to switch up the chows before the kittens arrive and related to that, I have a book for my Grad Minion to pull for me: Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life (by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins, D. V. M.). Monica of the Aby cats recommends it for good cat reading. Incidentally, she cooks for her cats too, because a lot of commercially prepared cat food is sheit. I hereby apologize for teasing Mumses and Mr. Paul for cooking for their dogs; apparently that is healthier than slapping down dry chows and being done with it.

I am reading like a mofo these days; 37 books and counting. I blame the Hugo awards for a lot of it (at least 12) but the rest…well I think I’ve got my book groove back on. Currently I have finished The Scar, another book by China Mievielle (add accents where required…also I’m not sure if that’s how he spells his name but I’m too lazy to look it up) in the Perdido Street Station universe. It wasn’t as lengthy in the describe the universe sort of way but it wasn’t as…deep? Creepy? It was more action that suspense horror I guess. There is one more book in the universe that I’ll just pick up sometime because I know I’ll wind up buying it anyway and my Grad Pull books aren’t always at the top of the “must to be reading” list despite the fact that they are time sensitive. I procrastinate oddly.

Warcraft goes. We had a big brou-ha-ha about this and that which I had no involvement in what-so-ever. It’s nice to not be an offending party. My alt weekly goes well now that I’m taking my main on the run. Our Lich King killing isn’t going very well so because we can’t get him down (I wants my LOOTZ!) I’m able to also hop onto the alt run with a really well geared tank. That’s not to say we’re flying through without a hitch but we’re definitely getting the first four bosses down bingity-bang.

I need a nap. Perpetually.

2009: We started calling it ‘Hint o’ cheddar’ but other than the naming snafu (blunt cheddar?) it was our second tastiest cheese.

2008: Nothing to say here.

2007: Meijers had no pumpkins so there was no pie to be had. The zombies were very sad.

2006: Move along.

2005: JSFR: Cheesecake Pocky.

2004: You know, because a metric ton of fry cube, an entire underbelly of a pig and half of Wisconsin’s cheese output just wasn’t *quite* enough.

2003: Can you be…lets see…deca-mono-polar? What the hell is the Latin name thing for eleven? (you know, the bi, tri, quad thing-it-thing?)

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