The Cheese Gods, They Love Me!

Wednesday? What sort of crack was I smokin two days ago? It’s not like I came in to work on Sunday or anything so I have no idea why Tuesday was Wednesday for me, but apparently it was. I’m not sure if that makes today Friday or whether it’s Thursday like it’s supposed to be but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I wake up.

So yesterday I thought I had come down with TheMan’s intestinal thing. He was out Tuesday (the real Tuesday), and Wednesday morning he about burst a sweat vessel collecting the trash from the cool basement. That’s not right, one should not spontaneously start sweating like a last mile marathoner when one is simply getting together a bag of laundry lint. I suggested that he might want to call in again because insta-sweating is the body’s way of saying “Ahhh, hey! I could use another day here recovering. Cool?” And then I stayed home too because me guts were rumblin!

Happily, or sadly depending on how you look at it, I did not get the john trots but once the whole day. I felt bad about calling in as I was fine in every aspect save my touchy guts which felt like they could go off at any moment, but then again I slept the slep of the dead (hee) from about 7-11 and then again from 12 to 2. Weirdly, I was UP! and AWAKE! at 11 so I went and did some Horde conquisting to keep things quieter for TheMan (who was still sleeping the sleep of the dead). After wining back a good portion of the counter, I decided that I was bored so I tried to humor my poor illing man awake (have I ever mentioned that TheMan has no humor when he is sick?), which didn’t work at all. Then BAMN! I was out like a light. Weird, perhaps I was a bit of the sick.

I felt much better after my nap and went to join TheMan who had fired up the computers. Hey, what else is there to do when one is sick but mobile than play a little WoW? Heh. I played a little bit (mostly crafting stuffs) and then decided to wander about in hopes that a late lunch would appear in front of me by pure magic. Sadly, our magic lunch elves had the day off or something because no lunch forthcame. I hate it when that happens. Left to fixing my own meal, I thought a tortilla, some cheese and cut bits of TheMan’s grillin would make a fine late lunch except…no cheese. Wah! Well, TheMan did say that there was Velveeta but yuck!

I wandered around some more in hopes that the cheese elves would magically pop forth a brick or maybe even some sprinkles of cheese but no. Damn elves, you just can’t find good elf help these days. So I did my own poking about in all the various places we *might* have cheese, even though TheMan was pretty sure we had eaten it all. Save the Velveeta that is. Still yuck. I was so adamant in my non-Velveeta cheese search (because cheese was the key to making my tortilla happiness a reality) that when I didn’t find it in the fridge the first time, I went back in with hopes that some might have appeared between the time it wasn’t there and the time I looked again. You never know when the cheese gods will take pity on you, but you have to want the cheese badly enough. Apparently I did because lo! In the bottom bottom drawer I found a brick of still edible sharp cheddar cheese. Whoooo!

They were the best cheese and grill bits tortillas ever and I danced around the house singing “The Cheese gods, they love me!”

Hey! Not only did they produce the cheddar but they also brought forth some frozen ricotta and a frozen container of cottage cheese (yes, I looked in the freezer for some tortilla and grill bits cheese. You would too if you wanted the cheese as much as I did. Mmmm, cheese). They really do love me. All hail the cheese gods!

Now that I think on it, a bunch of cool things have been happening to me lately (and all about as monumental as the cheese gods bringing forth the cheddar). OK, they have been small things but still, cool things. The first thing of coolness was that Monday night we finally ordered TheMan a new pair of Birks. His old ones were about three feet in the grave and considering there were only two of them…yeah. They were well past their prime. Wednesday when we got back home after going out at 5ish, there was a shoe box sized package on the door steps. SHOES! Less than two days and Ding! We’ve got shoes! Wow. I was expecting to get them some time late next week or possibly bumping into Origins week but no. 42ish hours after ordering and TheMan is comfy shod in new spankin Birks. Go Birkinstock!

The other yay that happened Monday (and partly Tuesday) is that I finally got the Smithee shirt order finalized. Whoot! We should have them all by Origins. I am tres excited by that and wait…yes I think I will do a Smithee shirt happy dance right now.

OK! I have danced the dance of Smithee shirt happiness and all is complete. Now, if the camera would materialize and little q would get conceived already than June would be a record month of happiness. I wonder if the cheese gods subcontract in optics or fertility. Hmmm. I think I’ll go check the bottom bottom fridge drawer and see if a camera or a baby has shown up. What? You never know unless you look right?

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