Ashes to Ashes No More

We went to the dump/recycle center this weekend but before I get to my title story (which TheMan said a little something about already in his blog) I’ll fill you in on the rest of the weekend. Heh. Fill.

Yes, I am easily amused.

Friday, because the weekend starts with Friday and this is Monday so that means I’m doing a weekend recap, TheMan and I headed over to the condo, loaded up all the stuff to go to the dump into the truck and headed home. The plan was to hit the dump early on but…

Yeah, 20 boo points if you thought “World of Warcraft”.

We tried the dead mines again with a group…well lemmie back up. We tried the dead mines Thursday with limited success. While we made it all the way up to the big boss with only one casualty, it was a simultaneous deathfest when we got to the final battle. Sadly, we killed the big bad but none of us were left alive to harvest the quest item. Doah! Double doah when we found out that the dungeon respawned behind us and the pally couldn’t make it back through to rez us all. So, we packed it in with thoughts to try again later. Friday we got all set to get the boss quest item, which involved doing two lead up quests for my character in order for her to be able to get the quest item, and looked about for a group. It was particularly easy since someone was using the general channel to gather a group of their own. I sent them a tell saying “Want a hunter, druid and pally?” to which they replied “Sure!”. Groovy! So we ambled over to the dungeon entrance only to find that Joe looking for group hadn’t done the two lead up quests yet. Is it my ignorance or should one actually be ready to do the dungeon before hollerin to get a group to go together?

You can guess that the night just went downhill from that. We got the quest item eventually but our pally was working the rez overtime.

Saturday TheMan and I slept in since it was technically Saturday when we hit the hay. WoW bad! I woke up about 10:30, thinking that the recycle center/dump might only be open until noon but lo! I called them and they have 9-5 Saturday hours. I love the recycle center! I loved it so much I went back to sleep for another 3 hours. Heh.

What? I had until 5 to get there. Sheesh.

We got up, I made apple pancakes from the apples that I found in the fridge that weren’t the apple I bought two months ago because I didn’t find the first bag of apples then and thought we had no apples. Amazingly, most of them were still viable for cooking. Crisper drawers rock. I also cooked up some freezer sausage that Dirge and Shar left in the condo freezer and I gotta say those two have taste. I think it was Bob Evans sausage which was both tasty and amusing because it says right on the package “Made from old people”. YummMAY! TheMan wanted to get a pic of it but alas…no word on the camera from the camera docs. We ate, we loaded a bunch of our own dumpster crap and we headed out to the dump.

Yay dump!

Everyone else was also at the dump so we waited, then pulled up to discover that we had to visit five different locations to get rid of: A Mattress (Area 4), a tub, toilet, sink and dishwasher (Area 2), a palate (Area 5), an AC unit (Area 1) and a microwave oven (the pole barn thingit). The place is pretty much a gate house and giant pole barn structure plopped onto the ground and a loop of road that has a bunch of various pull offs to dumpsters. The only cement at the place is the floor of the two structures and a small slab that runs along side three of the dumpsters so the crazy CAT driver can get traction when he is doing his crazy CAT driving. Otherwise, it’s just mother earth and bits that have come from the piles of refuse. So imagine our surprise when, after unloading everything and discovering a broom with which we could broom the dirt out of the back of the truck, we heard some indignant hollering along the lines of “HEY! What are you doing?” So we responded like any rational person and told the worker fella that we were sweeping the dirt out of our truck. He got all sorts of cranky about that. Who’s gong to clean up that dirt we brushed out of the truck? Certainly not him! So we better cut it out. Now!

Because…our dirt and their dirt are rival dirt gangs and we almost inadvertently unleashed a dirt gang war of biblical proportions? Or maybe they had special imported recycle center dirt and willy nilly mixing Q dirt into the pedigree dirt would just wreak havoc in the pure bread dirt DNA? Maybe our dirt was a slightly different shade of dirt and it threw off the whole dirt feng shui they had going.

Silly me, I thought dirt was dirt but apparently not so much.

I am happy to report that we swept the Q dirt off onto the Q driveway and so far no ill effects have been noted. The Q driveway is cement even. Living dangerously, I tell you!

And speaking of the Q driveway, one of my other projects this weekend turned out to be a mad frenzy of clearing the upper portion of the driveway of the winter detritus and hacking back the neighbor’s foul evil mutant tree plants that grow three feet into our driveway space. I have no idea what it is with those trees but they must, every year, sprout a bazillion shoots from their already hacked stumps and all these shoots must grow through the chain link fence into our driveway space. Last year I clipped the parts that were in our driveway back at the fence and this year they have grown two sometimes three shoots from the dead nubblit of last year’s pruning. Gah! Fortunately, I found a small hand saw whilst gearing up to do treelit battle. Bonsai!

It looks pretty good too. I’d take a pic but…yeah.

Other projects include finally banishing the Horde. Go me! I even did the baby start up Horde from Friday evening eats and the Saturday morning apple pancake extravaganza even though there weren’t that many dishes. Nipping the Horde at the bud! And of course a marathon session of World of Warcraft was accomplished as well, this one breaking up at about 4am Sunday morning. Ow my hinder! Uuuuugh. However, I am now onto Sunday.

Sunday, being Father’s Day and all, saw us getting up much earlier than our 4am bedtime butts really wanted to, but whose fault is that really? Right! Moving on! We stopped by K-Roget’s for kabob fixings to go along with our bag o’ slaw and fruit for crisp. Can you guess what went into the crisp? How about apples? Right as rain! Any opportunity to use those apples was good enough for me. We also had some cherries that I had sort of forgotten we had in the fridge and K-Roget’s was having a boss sale on strawberries so we grabbed those too.

OMG, I have become my mother. Help me!

The crisp turned out pretty good for not really having a recipe. Who needs a recipe for crisp? You take some butter, some flour (although I prefer a flour oatmeal mixture but alas, other people in the Q house are not so fond of the oatmeal), some sugar and a whoofa or two of cinnamon and mix it up. If it looks too gooey, add more flour, too dry add more butter, too sweet add more sugar and so on. Then you throw the whole kit and caboodle onto some chopped up fruit (which you can or can not sugar lightly. I opted yes for the sugar but only because I squozed a lemon over the whole bowl of fruit to keep the apples from turning) and if there isn’t enough crisp topping, you add more flour, sugar, butter and cinnamon. Wala! Crisp. Oh wait, shove it in a 350-375 oven for an hour or until the fruits start bubbling up through the crust and THEN wala! Crisp. It’s the world’s easiest dessert.

We ate, we gabbed, we presented and then we had to go home (but not until after two cups of coffee. CoffeeCoffeeCoffee!!!!) because some of us had to do that work thing. BAH!

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