Zombie Finger of Doom

Wah! I have a booboo! And I’m going to milk any sympathy I can and not tell you how it came to be. Never mind that it’s roughly (OK, exactly) where a hangnail might have once been, it huuuuuurts! Owwie! Pity me my poor owwie finger! *sniff*

Yeah, I was a moron and kept picking at a hangnail on…err…Saturday? Friday? Possibly Monday, or whenever but I did it up right and put all the goopy goo and band-aids on it and blah blah clean and sterile cakes. Except I angered it somehow and today it is a big ball of pain. Ow! It’s my mousing finger too so double ow. Now I’m looking at my finger, comparing it to the finger on the other hand which is not pitching a fit and thinking to myself, “Wait, is that a red streak coming out from under the band-aid? It could be! Yes, it might very well be a very faint streak of red emanating from the terminus of ow. No wait, it’s just the lighting. I think. Hmmm!”

Things are not being helped any by my constant doodling with it either. Today has been a series of Is it healed yet? *poke* OW! That would be a no. Now? *poke* OW DAMNIT! Still no. I just up and changed out this morning’s band-aid and did a little finger squeezing while washing and sterilizing. What? Oh you would too if it meant that possibly you might squeeze all the nasty that is in the finger making it all ow out of the finger where it will make ow somewhere else. Sadly, no ow was forthcoming, which means that there isn’t any ow, the ow hasn’t built up to a sufficient squeezable level or the ow refuses to be squeezed out and has instead been squeezed in and is drumming up a blood poisoning campaign in my finger.

Hey, that actually might be a red streak!

I also think my new band-aid is on too tight because my finger feels all funky fuzzy. Or I might just be losing my poor finger to the ow, which would be very sad since it is my middle finger. I would only be able to flip someone a single bird. What about those occasions that call for a double bird? I’d be sitting there with my single bird and finger space and then what? Can I get a handicapped swearing license if I can’t flip someone the double bird anymore?

In other belated news, yesterday’s entry was the sign of the beast. Go look, it’s entry 666. I should have a party or something for when I finally hit 1000 entries.

Some things have been going on and about in the Q world. First of all, MomQ and DadQ came back from New York where DadQ was putzing about the Clearwater festival while MomQ went into the big city to sing at Carnegie Hall! Of course so did 150 of her closest friends and 400 people she didn’t know (heh. Actually, that was DadQ’s line, but I liked it so I stole it. HA!) but still, she sang at Carnegie Hall. I think the deal was that a composer fella who also happens to be a Manheim Steam Roller member wrote some stuff for the up north choir peoples and then they all came down and sang along with a bunch of other people. MomQ seemed to have a lot of fun.

They had all sorts of stories about the festival and we had quite a time gabbing over dinner at the new place on the north side. I think they call themselves Carson’s American Bistro and for you locals (and stalkers) it’s where the Cooker’s used to be. Heh, American Bistro. That makes me laugh. Anyhow, they have crispy tasty bread and they just keep bring out the baskets (score for them!) but they have this citrus butter that is not at all pleasant to eat with the bread. I’d go so far to say that the butter is not at all pleasant period because yuck. But, I had my bread unbuttered and it was fine. They only had two pasta dishes on the menu (they seem to be more a steak and fish place) so I got one and DQ got the other while MomQ got the prime rib (which looked pretty good) and the boys got the salmon. The food was nicely tasty if a tad pricy but all in all it was a decent visit. I got a bowl of ice cream (and paid less for it than I would have at Cold Stone creamery, might I add) because the owners had this special Palazolo brand ice cream that was supposed to be 1. local and 2. the BOMB. I can’t say as I have ever heard of Palazolo ice cream around here but it wasn’t bad. Would I walk a mile for it? Probably not. Would I choose it over Cold Stone? Any day of the week!

BTW, the pecan pie was something to write home about. Mmmm!

Now onto the section where I talk about World of Warcraft, which will be really short because we haven’t been playing it lately. Heh! That was specifically for my mumses who goes all glassy eyed whenever I mention any game related thing. I bet she doesn’t even read my Origins posts and they are full of (or were last year) monkey goodness!

I like my Origins posts.

Speaking of Origins, it fast approaches. One week babE! Already I think I am ahead of last year’s schedule because I still have a week to work on prep (which I AM going to get some of done tonight. damnit!) and I’m scheduled to hang with DQ and do buttons Saturday. So that leaves tonight and tomorrow for puppets (I can get two done a night! I think), possibly some other times on the weekend and wala! Fini. My goal is to be done before the week of Origins.

Is that all? I think so. If I don’t update tomorrow, look for my finger which has fallen off, gone zombie and started terrorizing the town.

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