I actually considered not updating and letting y’all worry about Night of the Living Finger but then again, my posting reliability has been rather spotty these past few months. I’m not even sure any of y’all’s Zombie Finger Infestation alarms would have triggered by my missing a day of posting. Most likely my five loyal readers would have just stopped by, saw I hadn’t posted (again), and then wandered off to do whatever it is that they do after they come here. Then I would have posted tomorrow and been all “Heh! Didja miss me?” and all y’all would have gone “Sorry, what?”

Wouldn’t that have just taken the wind out of my practical joke sails. Besides, I felt like blathering so here I am.

First things first: Zombie Finger is doing better today, thankyouverymuch. I soaked it for a million hours (or 20-30 minutes) in Epsom salts while surfing the web (and that isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially when there is typing involved) until the undead finger got all pruny. Then I did the whole goop and band-aid trick to keep it all nice and clean and protected for the night. Oh! I also found the hydrogen peroxide, which I am convinced turned the tables. I do not know what it is with OH but every time I get a booboo that goes bad, the minute I resort to OH it starts to clear up. It’s my miracle booboo healer (and it bubbles too!). Today, undead finger is just sore rather than alarmingly painful with oozing ow.

I am also finding out that my booboo finger is used for quite a lot of things. Not only is it my mousing finger, but it is also the finger I use to pry up books that have fallen over on a flat surface and my eyeball itching finger. I have already stabbed myself in the eyeball with my giant band-aided finger more times than I want to admit. I am beginning to think the zombie juice is trying to set up camp in my eye where I can not squirt it with the magical banishing OH. Mmmm, zombie eye.

Next things second: There should be a saying that follows First things first, why isn’t there? Anyhow, guess who got Smithee prep done? OK, not done done as in “no more to do” but done as in all the sock puppets have stuffed and attached arms now. They are still naked (don’t look!) which I intend to remedy in the next couple of days but hey! The hardest part of the prep is fini. Tonight I glue the bandages onto at least one of the show puppets, perhaps two if it can be done and hang it/them to dry. Tomorrow we will print the color buttons and I’ll put the wraps on a puppet or two and then Saturday is button day.

Oh right! I forgot about the potential new Smithee promo item. TheMan has a program that will render a big picture out of a bunch of small pictures and the program also has the ability to get the small pictures from film clips. See where this is going? I don’t know if we will get it done in time but I thought a Smithee awards poster made from little itty bitty Smithee clips from the current year’s show would be pretty cool. Plus, we are a signature event at Origins this year so it might be nice to have a little something special to go along with that. We shall see.

Lastly, I e-mailed the Smihtee shirt guys to see how they were coming along. So far, no answer so I may have to add “Call Smithee shirt guys” to the list tonight. I’m hoping that they can get them in the mail and to us before we are off on our way.

Oooo, and related to Smithees (sorta), I unexpired myself at lunch yesterday. Apparently the U ID is only good for X amount of years and since I almost never…well actually never never use my ID I didn’t notice until I took a peek at it for a possible passport ID resource. Whoops. Since TheMan fished up my Hawaiian drinks shirt for me to wear (you know, the boss one I got from the Smithee Stalker Fan last year), I decided that I might as well see to my expired ID. There is no better apparel to have a work ID taken in than the stylin Hawaiian drink shirt. Man, I love that shirt, it’s comfy, badass shiny with the colors, was free and has the best story behind it. What more can you ask of your clothing?

Right! Well I got nothing more than that. Lucky yous; Zombie finger and Smithee prep. Can you contain the excitement? I’d have taken a pic of the naked sock puppets but no camera. Still. Wait…would that be puppet porn?

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