PiARRRate Adventures: A Picto-story

Gather ’round maties for a tale of treasure and treachery. It all began on the open seas with a rumor of riches burried on a remote island…

Captain Spash and his first mate Diggity knew of this fabled treasure from long forgotten pirate tales past. They had recently fallen on hard times though so they thought they ought to give the tale a closer look.

But Captain Spash wasn’t the only pirate who knew of the rumors or who had fallen on hard times. Captains Dread, Naught and Seaman Davey swore that they would be the first to find the treasure.

The biggest problem was that everyone knew the treasure was on an island but nobody knew where exactly that island was.

It was also said that the way to the island was guarded by squamous creatures of the deep.

And ghosts. Perhaps both. A treasure seeking pirate would have to be very clever indeed to get past these fearsome obstacles.

Captain Spash and Diggity were only two pirates against Captains Dread, Naught and Seaman Davey’s three so they knew at the beginning that they would be at a disadvantage. Captain Spash and Diggity put their heads together and decided to ask their Webfriend Google about the location of the treasure island.

However, Captains Dread and Naught realized that they had the classic two captain problem. Only one Captain can command a boat (or a treasure finding party) so they argued long into the night as to who was the rightful captain of this expedition. Both had proper pirate hats and while Captain Dread had the obligatory Pirate Captain hook hand, Captain Naught had epaulets.

This left Davey free to ask around after a map to the island. He tried the merfolk first but the island wasn’t in their territory. A nice mermaid suggested that Davey talk to the queen of the merchant sailors, she should surely have heard something. Davey thanked the mermaid politely and went to see the merchant queen.

The queen was pleased to see Davey and told him over tea that she thought he should visit the haunted islands and talk to the ghosts there. If the treasure was guarded by ghosts, perhaps they might know something. Davey thanked the queen graciously and left for the haunted islands.

On the haunted islands, Davey found the ghost of a scullery maid who knew about a treasure map. The governor of Inlet Islet once had such a map but it was accidentally eaten by an alligator. Davey thanked the ghost and journeyed on to Inlet Islet.

Meanwhile Captain Spash and First Mate Diggity have had success in their websearch!

Davey found the alligator of Inlet Islet fairly quickly and after a brief bit of confusion, the story of the map was sorted out. The former governor used to throw dinner scraps to the alligators and when the governor took the map out to look at it one gusty night, the paper was ripped from his hands and blew out the window. Naturally the alligator thought this was a late night snack and ate the map in one bite. Fortunately, the alligator had a photographic memory and could recall in exact detail the markings on the map and he sketched them out for Davey. Davey thanked the alligator and returned to the Captains who had not yet sorted out their quandary.

Both pirate parties braved shark infested waters to arrive on the treasure island at the same time. However, before they could start fighting about who found the treasure first…

The island picked up it’s mighty head and chomped Davey!

Indeed, the island wasn’t an island but the dreaded Sea Cat, known to lure pirates out into the ocean with tails of hidden treasure and then eat them when they came a-digging.

So remember treasure seeking pirates, always check your research lest you become cat treats.

2009: JSFR: Kopiko Mini Coffee

2008: JSFR: Balance Power (cocoa)

2007: That’s the pie. Which is, granted, square like a cake but it is still pie. OK, will you be happier if I called it pake? Well then pake it is.

2006: Avast! Yarrr! Rum! Ummm…Ahoy maties! Alright, that about exhausts my pirate repertoire.

2005: Or wait, was I just dreaming that I was trying to get to sleep while TheMan snored? ARRRRGH!

2004: Pirate island wants scritchies, no time for updates.

2003: OW! I think I just broke my brain. Hold on…alright everything’s still where it is supposed to be, more or less.

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    Have I told you lately that you are fabulously talented, terrifically creative and that we don’t hang out nearly enough?
    If you want to be a pirate, btw, you can join our pirate team for the Ann Arbor Treasure Hunt!

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