Spooky Movies

That was a cool movie-wait, what was that? What was THAT! Did you hear something? I think there is a ghoul in our closet! No really, there is a ghoul in the closet! Wake up! There is a ghoul in the closet and I cant hold the flash light and whack it upside the head at the same time.

We saw The Ring this Saturday and I have to say it’s one good and creepy movie. It has some good suspense going for it and an interesting twist towards the end but the part that stuck with me the most was the creepy little TV girl. Creepy. Did I say yet how creepy the little TV girl was? Yerg! She moves really really eerie like in this sort of plastered wet hair shuffle that has these occasional Jacob’s Ladder spurts of movement. And she oozes menace like no eight year old little girl really ought to and that too is unsettling.

See it’s like this, whenever I watch a scary movie or read a scary book there is always something about the story that freaks me out and keeps me up nights listening for ghouls in the closet. Sometimes it’s the obvious things like the trilobites or whatever those clackety things in Hellraiser are and sometimes it’s something that makes no sense. When I watched the Amityville Horror none of the glowy pig eyes or bugs or freaky ghosty stuff got to me at all. Nope, instead I stayed awake until 3:15 a.m. just so I wouldn’t sleep through anyone bent on killing my entire family in a blood bath. Then when 3:15 came and went I decided that maybe the dude was a little late. Hey, his watch could be a little off, or maybe he was running on central time. Mountain time? Pacific time! I stayed up until the sun came out.

I think in part it has something to do with bad vision. If I hadn’t remembered what everything was and where when I woke up in the middle of the night a shirt thrown over a chair became a looming shapeless blob. I’m not a very neat person either so there were lots of dark looming blobs. My night vision is really poor too so sometimes it looked like the blobs were moving ever so slightly out of the corner of my eye. That’s some weird freaky stuff I tell you, spooky blobs should not move if they are shirts or book bags. I also read a lot of horror stories so the blobs were, of course not shirts or book bags at all (’cause inanimate objects aren’t known to move, even out of the corner of one’s eye…sorta goes along with the whole not being animate gig they have going) but some sort of nether creature come to eat me in the dead of the night. Hey, at 3a.m. it doesn’t have to make sense and it usually doesn’t.

So there I was last night at 3a.m., because it is always 3a.m. for some reason, all weirded out about the wet creepy TV girl. Man I hate that. So I decided to just keep my eyes closed so I didn’t have to look at her. I figured what I can’t see cant spook me out right? Besides all I had to do was wait until the sun came up and then things would be alright. Yup, keep my eyes closed and hope I went to sleep until the sun came up. Three hours is a really long time to sit there with closed eyes hoping to go to sleep. Three hours. Tick. (What was that noise? Don’t look!) Tick. (is that a slurpy wet foot noise?) Tick. (I hope THAT was a cat…errr…how many are on the bed? Nevermind, I don’t want to count them just in case they are all here and none of them are over there where that noise is) Tick. (Oh man, I have to pee!) Tick. (I really have to pee). Tick. (OK, that’s it, I need to turn every light on from here to the bathroom so little freaky TV girls don’t jump me. I’d wet the floor for sure then).

So at 3:50a.m. I poked TheMan awake and asked him to turn on the lights so I could go pee safely. You know, I should just go to sleep with all the lights on next time and bypass the whole scary 3a.m. thing. I wonder how well TheMan can sleep with the lights on. Probably better than being poked awake every hour so he can turn the lights on or listen for closet ghouls.

Strange thing is now I want to see Ringu, the Japanese version, and compare the two movies. Hey, did you hear that? No really, I think there IS something in the closet!

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