A Sort of SAST

And hello weekend campers! Today’s entry is all about Smithee Stuff, World of Warcraft and anything else I happen to think of along the way. Yes indeedy do, it’s a hot summer day of SAST for all you five loyal readers. Plus! All you JSF junkies out there, check in this Saturday. Oooo! Tingles of JSF excitement!

Whoot! 2 for 2 in Smithee prep…check it out! (Except you can’t because the camera is still at the camera doc’s. Grrr! Just pretend this is an image of two sock puppets all recently wrapped and hanging by clothes pins from our basement clothes lines. Cool eh? I think the one of the left came out better but the one on the right has a more interesting wrapping pattern.) Yesterday I wrapped the two give away sock puppets and hung them to dry. Today I tackle the last two puppets, which go to Bryan and Greg, and then…BUTTONS! Heck, if I’m feeling spunky I’ll just go ahead and cut out button circles tonight maybe. Or I can save that until tomorrow. Eh, I’ll just wait and see what whim hits me and go with it. Zen and the art of Smithee prep!

I have never been so far ahead in Origins Promotions prep! Whooooo!

Wait, did I just jinx myself there?

In other news: We logged on to World of Warcraft last night for some MMORPG fun. Is that right? MMORPG? Hold on a sec, lemmie check on that. Ah ha. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game…MMORPG! How do you say that anyway? Morpg? Mmmmmor peegee? EmmEmmOhArPeeGee? Man, that last one’s hardly worth acronymizing the phrase. In fact, it’s almost as ugly as the html is to get the first letter bold in each word. Blargh. Hope I got it right or this might be a BOLD! ENTRY! FROM! NOW! ON! Where was I? Oh right Mor-p’gh. So TheMan and I signed on after a couple day hiatus (can’t remember when we last played) for some casual beebopping around. I got the dr00d’s enchanting up a notch and tailoring up to the next recipe level. I then dinkered around fishing to get my fishing score up to a level where I could fish for quest items in another higher level zone. Cast, clicky, fish. Cast, clicky, fish. Yeah, it’s just about as boring reading about it as it is to do it but hey. !0 points! Then TheMan found a fishing quest, which was much lazier than actually doing anything so we hung off the pier. Cast, clicky, fish. Cast, clicky, fish.

Eventually we got to tootling around, picking up a thing-it we missed in the Super Mario dungeon (it’s actually an underwater grotto thing but there is a part that you have to jump about five broken pillar bits, which I just could not do my first time out. Took me 10 minutes and 17 bajillion tries to get over. This time? First try. Whooo!) and then we went ‘splorin! I like finding new zones, it’s fun. We also picked up a quest that takes us into Horde territory. Very cool.

Lastly, weekend plans! We have them. They do include some button making and puppet wrapping but other than that, we is free! Sort of. I have to shop for Origins munchies and pick up foodage so we don’t go broke eating. We tend to split breakfast and lunch eats with LunarGeography and Badmovie to keep down the expenses. Hmmm, convention center with captive audience…you want how much for that hot dog? We do go out to dinners though. You gots to splurge sometime.

We are also hauling a bunch of stuff (I hope) over to DQ’s neck of the woods for a yard sale. Whoooo! I think I can find quite a lot of stuff that can just go and get it out of our hair. More space!

And that is truly all I have to say. Catch you Monday for the pre-Origins freak out show. WHOOOOOOOOOOO!

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