Head Full of BUTTONS!

Last we left our intrepid boo, there were plans afoot to wrap up the sock puppets (and no, I’m not going to get tired of that joke any time soon), get some buttonage cranked out and shop the shop of Origins Doom.


Wellllll…see…it was like this: I am damned tired of gluing dyed strips of sheet onto a sock. I did the two show puppets…Thursday? Wednesday? Whenever, I only really needed those two glued and dried for transportation. The other two go to the East Coast Smithee contingent and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind getting their puppets in the mail. Besides, I glued one up Saturday and the bugger was darned near impossible to get off the wine bottle I’m using as a mold or template or what have you. You know, that thing you put another thing onto when you want that second thing to retain a certain shape while you fiddle with it. In this case, glue sheet strips onto its sock self. Hrrmph. The lack of ease in which the second to last puppet came off the…holder thingit rapidly killed my enthusiasm for gluing up the very last puppet. If I don’t get to it tonight, the puppet’s in the mail.

Besides, there is still quite a lot of prep to do, like paint my toes a different color, so the puppet will just have to take second priority.

What? I’m getting really tired of the metallic blue and I don’t think a ballot or promotions ninja would wear metallic blue toe paint. Come on, everyone knows that a ninja’s toe color is more purpley anyway or perhaps a deep burgundy or even in extreme cases an iridescent green/egg plant but metallic blue? Not so much.

Normally I’d be spouting a weekend recap for you here but as usual I can not remember what we did on Friday. It may have involved some World of Warcraft but not enough to leave a marked impression on my plork. We probably logged on and dinked around with some quests. We also seemed to get home late but I can’t remember what we did after work that would have made us late. I did not glue up any puppets, that much I remember. Ah well, we were probably lazy.

Most of what we did this weekend involved Smithee prep anyway. Saturday DQ was outside all day doing a neighborhood yard sale thing – OH! Right. I remember what we did Friday! TheMan and I went through all our miscellaneous stuff that was yard sale worthy and donated it to the cause. This meant we were up and out at the site at 7 in the morning. 7!!! That’s just not right. But we unloaded a bunch of dishes, a TV and other stuff, none of which sold because it was damned hot and nobody came to buy anything. Seriously! I went over with cold drinks around 2ish and they had maybe a handful of people stop by. HOT!! It was so hot the candles melted. Gah!!! That’s just not right. Melted people! That’s…just…MELTED!!!!!

That evening we pressed 100ish buttons and Sunday we pressed 100ish magnets and lo! The Smithee promo prep was done. (Technically the unfinished sock puppet isn’t on the promo stuff list so HA!) Sunday evening we went Origins shopping and got munchables and drinkables and then I did wash. And more wash. And even more wash. And…I really need to do wash more often methinks. I also got on a packing nut, since I was washing anyway and thought, “Why put this stuff away when I’ll just have to drag it back out again in two days to pack it up? Let’s just start packing now!” and I did. Folks, except for a pair of my shorts which are still drying, we are 100% packed as far as games, clothes and promotional items go. All that we are really waiting on is the computer stuff, which should be dismantled Tuesday or Wednesday morning, and the ditty bag which is always packed the morning of departure anyway. Well, I suppose I could pack the ditty bag earlier but I only have the one tooth brush. Yuck.

Unfortunately, all this prep has one down side. Cats. Man, the weirdoes get wigged when the luggage comes out. OHMIGOD! WHAT’STHAT?!?!?! AHHH! THAT! OHMIGOD! THELUGGAGE!!! AHHHH!! Oi! I had the suitcase out on the bed and flat so I could pack it here and there as stuff got washed and the cats were going nutso kitty All. Evening. Long. Isaak was having some sort of territory issues with the luggage and kept aggressively head butting or gnawing on a corner or polishing his paws on it while Little Kitty rediscovered the world’s biggest box! I have no idea how many times the Little Kitty tried to pack herself in along with whatever it was I was putting in there at the time. Then I quit for the night and moved the luggage, still flat, onto the floor in front of the dresser.

Note to self: In front of dresser is not far enough from the bed so that the kitties can’t use the large flat suitcase as a launching pad whenever they need to get down from or up onto the bed. I also happened to put all the Smithee buttons in the side pocket, which was facing up due to the flatted nature of the suitcase arrangement, so all night long whenever a kitty landed on the luggage it rattled. And of course they could not not use the luggage as a take off or landing point whenever they felt the need to traverse the space from floor to bed because OHMIGOD! THE LUGGAGE! LOOK! LUGGAGE!! It was like trying to sleep in a kitty controlled O’Hare. Pata-pata-pata *thump* (chingle) *launch* (plop): Cat onto bed. Pad-pad-Fwoot (launch) *thwhumpa* (changle ching) scrabba *thump* pata-pata-pata: Cat off of bed. Pata-pata-pata *thump* (chingle) (ching) (chi): Cat deciding to hang out on luggage for a while. Pad-pad-pa-… … … … fahWOOOOOOOOTA(launch) Thumpachanglerattle. Mrrr! Hsssst! Mreowowoooowowow!: Bed cat death from above maneuvers onto luggage cat.

A good cat owner would endure the cat crazies until the luggage was ready to move into a staging area. A sane cat owner might just consider shutting the cats out of the room and getting a full night’s sleep. Hmmmm. Good or sane. Good or sane. Tough call but I’m leaning towards sane. Especially since THE LUGGAGE! will still be out and still wigging the cats so even if I moved it, say, out into the living room the cats would still feel the need to report back to me every 20 minutes that THE LUGGAGE! OHMIGOD! THE LUGGAGE! IT’S IN THE LIVING ROOM! LUGGAAAAAAAGE!!

Anyone want two cats, slightly used, entirely crazy?

Tonight I plan to get the Smithee box up from downstairs and go over our Smithee supplies. I might also do some dishes because even though TheMan hacked through them Saturday, there are about a zillion more that materialized on Sunday. I think I angered the Horde last week by conquering the counter and keeping it clear for several days. In fact, I bet they had a hand (hee) in my zombie finger episode since I didn’t do dishes last week while my finger was oozy. (your welcome) Hmmmm, I’ll have to look into that, especially in light of the fact that TheMan developed zombie finger this weekend. Coincidence?

That wraps up today’s entry except for the Smithee shirts and the camera. Both are nebulously enroute (another word Word doesn’t recognize) to the Q house and hopefully will show up before we have to vamoose (which Word does recognize). We got news that the shirts were mailed off Saturday (hooray!) and because we are already packed, should definitely arrive in time to take them to Origins. Then again, Murphically speaking, we want to be able to take them to Origins so that means they will definitely not arrive on time. We can but wait and see.

I hate waiting.

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