It seems early to have Oktoberfest in September doesn’t it? Anyway, Friday was the BrewPub’s annual Oktoberfest so of course we went.

Man, I’d been looking forward to Oktoberfest all week. Not only did we have plans to do something out and about social (we invited Rob and his new Squeeze) BUT! We’d be drinking tasty beers AND PubRob said he was going to be working that night. PubRob looks really good in lederhosen. Reeeeeeally good. HmmmmmMmmmmmm.

Uh..wait. OK beer.

They were also going to have the same polka/cover band there that they had last year so win/win/win! TheMan and I walked over so we could both beer and of course we got the German platter. Kraut and brats, tater salad and…applesauce? Well then applesauce indeed, the food was tasty and the ‘Hoptoberfest’ beer was really good. Plus, PubRob in lederhosen. They band was set up outside, which is a vast improvement over last year since we could hear ourselves think and there was more room for peeps inside to sit and eat without a band and dancers about. Peeps love to dance to polka tunes. Peeps just love to dance now that I think on it, the Flieger song got a lot of play judging from all the hand waving that cropped up periodically. Sadly, the polka band was playing “The Too Fat Polka” which pissed TheMan right off so we only went out for one song and then stayed in the rest of the evening. Le sigh. Other than that, it was a good night.

Saturday we lazed around for a bit until TheMan decided he might be getting sick and officially slept in. I played some Warcraft and then came back to bed for snoozing. No bathroom project work got done but we got up in time to go to the Smithee Nite Out…at the BrewPub! Dagoski and Dr. Wife drove up from the wilds of Ohio and Jason and Ken joined us as well. Jason brought a bunch of magnetic ‘Buckyballs’ which we had perhaps too much fun playing with. We closed the place down, again, and that brings me to Sunday.

What did we do on Sunday? We did not go to the BrewPub. I think I did laundry and we were lazy. I might have read some; I’m cooking through The Scar these days.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    The Flieger song is my jam. Thanx for translating some of it for me…for all I knew, they were saying “f*** your mother” or something like that.

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