A Ninja Postdates on Tuesday

And just for y’all’s information, the official toe color of a promotions ninja’s toes is: Deep shiny eggplant purple. Now you know.

Because you are all sick to death of hearing about it, here’s the Smithee news! 1. OK, OK, OK! I did the damn sock puppet. Grumble. It was the hardest puppet yet to peel off my bottle mold thing. I think it might have to do with the fact that the bottle has a thickening layer of glue goo from all the previous puppets along the surface. Whatever, the last puppet is done, NOT MY PROBLEM ANYMORE!

2. Really, that’s about all the Smithee news, save TheMan’s coworkers were all shocked and aghast that we had no camera (*sniff* Poor camera, still at the doc’s) so they dredged one up from the depths of a cabinet somewhere and told him to take pictures like a mad thing. Or whatever, I just heard the story second hand. Either way, We Got A Camera!

Tasty, Tasty digi pics.

The other news (which I forgot because really it’s technically Thursday while I’m typing this and I have to dredge my plork for events that happened two whole days ago. Hey! A lot has happened since then!) is that the shirts…are not yet here. They aren’t going to be here either because the shirt guy’s shipper didn’t get them out Saturday. In fact the shirt guy’s shipper didn’t get the shirts out Monday either. Then, when people were wondering about the shirts on Tuesday, the shirt guy’s shipper said “Oh yeah. They didn’t go out”. Greaaaaaaaat. I got an e-mail from the shirt guy which basically said “My shippers a buttmunch. Where are you staying so I can ship the shirts to you?” Cool in that we might get the shirts at the hotel during the convention, very bad if the shirts come, say, Monday when we are gone. GAH!

I want my shirts!

Onto other news which will certainly bore you by this time two weeks from now. I’m talking Transweb Team stuff for the Transplant Games. **I’m On The TEAM!!!** Yes indeedy do, your friendly neighborhood boo is going to sunny (or rainy or windy, whatever – don’t know the forecast) Toronto ton he 17th? Wait…20th? Ah whatever. The third week in July, whenever that occurs. Tuesday afternoon, after I got an e-mail from TheMan that said “The Transweb Coordinator is going to be calling you about going to the games!!!!!” The Transweb Coordinator did ndeed call to see what talents I could offer to the team.

TWC: So boo, you want to go with us to Toronto I hear.
Boo: Yes, that would be really cool.
TWC: TheMan says you do some writing. Have you ever covered a sporting event?
Boo: Nope.
TWC: Hmmm. OK, do you know anything about web pages or programs like Dreamweaver?
Boo: I can hand code HTML.
TWC: We use primarily WYSIWYG design programs.
Boo: Then nope.
TWC: OK, how about human interest stories. Have you ever written any of those?
Boo: Nope. I usually just do writing for my blog. That’s all.
TWC: Yes, I’ve read it. It’s…funny.
Boo: Ummm…I can gopher like a mad thing?
TWC: No thanks, the boss’s daughter is coming along and I’m going to put her on gopher detail.
Boo: oh.
TWC: Tell you what, how about you write from a first timer’s point of view…maybe go with quotes and build from there.
Boo: Sure!

So! It looks like I’m going to be doing some writing based on quotes from people at the games, perhaps from questions I ask them. Maybe? Well, I’ll be doing something anyway which most likely will involve talking to people and writing. Perhaps I might nab a camera too. The details are in the works.

Hmmm! That about wraps up Tuesday. I have a ton of pics to delete go through for Wednesday’s post, which I might just throw up here after breakfast. I hungry!

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