Last of September

Woah…September is almost over? How’d that happen? One minute I was complaining about August, the next it’s nearly October!!!

I don’t have much to report on for the weekend because one of TheMan’s coworker’s presenteeismed us some flu. Friday we went out for sushi, ate too much, came home and sacked out with bloated tummies full of tasty, tasty sushi. Mmmm Yatsuba.

Saturday, we had some errands to run early in the morning so we headed out to breakfast while we were on the road. There was a Big Boy round abouts the A2-Saline Meijers which we weren’t sure was still a Big Boy or not, but we were tired of Panera so we checked it out. Apparently it’s Bob’s House of Pancakes, or Joe’s Breakfast Place or whatever but anyway it was breakfasty and new so we headed on in. I forget exactly what it was called because when we walked in and were given the plackard of specials, my mind did a total wipe of anything not related to the specials at hand. Seriously folks, Bob or Joe knows their breakfast stuff. You can see the French Toast Monte Cristo sandwich I ordered hanging out all Monty, Cristoy and French toasty up above. It came with strawberry jam AND syrup and while the jam tasted good, the syrup made the dish…Swiss cheese and all. Swiss cheese and syrup should never be a happy combination but there I was chowing down and enjoying it. Next time I might get the peach cobbler french toast or possibly the fat Elvis french toast. It had peanut butter and bacon.

After chores, a whopping big breakfast and the start of Coworker Plague, were feeling punk so we came back and snoozed. Then we felt more punk and stayed snoozing. We may have played some Warcraft but honestly I think we were feeling too poorly to even do that. Can you imagine??

The other exciting thing that happened is TheMan broke our stove. We had a pizza in that we had picked up during our early morning errands and about halfway through the cooking TheMan came booking into the room hollering “OVEN FIRE!!”. Turns out our 30 year old oven decided to up and bust a lower heating element on us. Spectacular. Fortunately I had already made some cake earlier in the day (Oh, I guess I did that too. I was in the mood for cake batter so I made cake out of a cake mix that expired a while back. Both batter and cake turned out fine, especially after I dumped the bottom dregs of caramel sauce in the batter. Yummmm!) but unfortunately I had not yet made the zucchini bread I was going to make the next day.

TheMan was hit harder than I was with the crud so Sunday he lay quite low while I chopped and fried up the potatoes I got from Stalker Patti’s volunteer potato plants. Since we had no oven, I was forced to pan fry everything which meant Cast Iron Skillets. I’m not to versed on Cast Iron Skillets so things were perhaps a tad over done but tasty. I sort of followed a Nero Wolfe recipe and lo! The top element of the oven kept things nice and warm so when the taters were done ahead of the eggs (which happens more frequently than I like…or vice versa. I can’t have nice simultaneous food things) I could throw the whole skillet in the warmish oven and it kept pretty well. We lazed the rest of the day with a short trip out to take care of the BadGarden cats. The Sick Weekend End.

Now it’s Monday and guess who has been lain (layed?) low? HATE!

“It was about as big as a peanutbutter and banana sandwich.”

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