Origins ‘05: Something Borrowed – A Pictoblog

This is the one pic I was waiting for to start off today’s blog: The welcome to Ohio sign. Sadly, the borrowed camera slept itself and I missed my pic. Grrr.

That’s OK, I decided (after a bout of swearing because I really wanted to start off the entry with the sign) I’ll just nab the First Columbus sign I see. It’s not the same but it will do for a runner up. Like it?

Right then, I’ll just nab an Ohio Turnpike sign…hey! There’s one in the distance. I’ll just wait for it to get a bit closer. Wait for it…wait for it…OK NOW! What? Sleeping? What the…F%@()*)$%^) piece of S)(_*(@ camera! That’s the third pic I’ve missed. You F%&^#()^^ P(*^&*%#% )(&^^% B$%%@

If you were anywhere in northern Ohio early Wednesday afternoon, you might have just heard that explosion of creative profanity first hand. Three pictures! And I had *just* fired up the camera for the last one. I spent a good 5 angry minutes punching buttons trying to figure out what was going on (and I must have been a riot to listen to because when I’m that mad I tend to talk to inanimate objects in a very stern and expletive riddled tone) until I discovered that the camera was set to sleep after 30 seconds. GAH! It take is a good 30 seconds to warm up from sleeping and thus, all my pics were missed because of the black screen of “Wait a minute, I’m snoozing here”. I fixed that though, I adjusted the sleep time to 5 minutes. HA!

MissedSign 62905.jpg
Of course, then there was the shutter delay to contend with. In a life where I was snapping pics with a more responsive camera, this would have been one of the highway signs that sounded like a name.

AlmostPicture 62905.jpg
Getting closer…

WaldoProspect 62905.jpg
Huzzah! Only took me about an hour and a bunch of shots of the side of the road going by really fast to get used to the feel of the camera.

Dork 62905.jpg
There is no cure for my dorkiness.

Geekery 62905.jpg
Of course we had some other geekery to keep us company.

Tunes 62905.jpg
And tunes to help pass the time. Yay iPod!

Mosque 62905.jpg
Here’s a mosque somewhere in lower Michigan (I think). Just a little road eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

I Zika Zoomba 62905.jpg
I Zika Zoomba! This one was for mumses.

TrainBuilding 62905.jpg
And this was a neat little building off on the side of the road. I think it’s some sort of train thing-it building as it was straddling the tracks. Anyhow, I thought I’d just show you that Ohio can be pretty even though it’s flatter than a week old bit of road kill.

PrettyColumbus 62905.jpg
In fact, Columbus is rather pretty. It reminds me a lot of Ann Arbor what with the trees and the old houses hanging around.

TheOhioStateU 62905.jpg
Plus, you know, there’s a university here.

OSU Campus 62905.jpg
It looks like pretty much every other college campus I suppose with the buildings and the trees and blah blah college town cakes. I did like looking at the architecture though. I like academic buildings, they are amusingly pompous.

ColumbusTime 62905.jpg
Plus, you can usually find a big assed clock on at least one of them. I’m counting this as our official arrival time in Columbus.

ShortNorthArches 62905.jpg
Here’s the run into downtown Columbus. I like these arches, therefore you all get to see a pic of these arches. Behold! The Short North Arches!

BBQ IronPig 62905.jpg
And there is also this disturbing restaurant. The pig’s eyes light up too.

AlwaysDragon 62905.jpg
So here is a fun! picture. I like the shipping company name, but I think it’s especially appropriate that there is a big FIRE EXTINGUISHER sign. Of course there is.

MarineTransport 62905.jpg
And if you ever wondered how marines get from place to place, now you know!

PlantDealer 62905.jpg
Here’s a pic of a the seedy illegal plant dealer in action. I hear Columbus has a thriving illegal plant market.

Thus we got to the shining jewel of Ohio and checked in. Joi! We love the Drury Inn and recommend it to everyone who wants to stay in the Columbus area. That is, of course, unless you are planning on staying in Columbus next year during Origins. In which case, if you don’t already have your reservations you are not going to get any reservations since they sold out in March. Yup, March. Phone early, phone often, get your reservations more than a year in advance. Crazy!

The Line2 62905.jpg
What’s also crazy is checking in. This is the lines to get nowhere and possibly get a badge. Which we didn’t because they, yet again, didn’t have the Smithee badges printed. Or reserved. Or whatever, point is that we got no stinkin badges. They took our names and told us to come back at 6pm when they for sure would have the badges. So we did, they didn’t, we gave them names again and for sure they would have them at 10. I came back at 10, when they of course didn’t have them except lo! Maybe they did have them! It’s a sure sign of the apocalypse when the Smithee badges are there, all of them, no fuss, no hassle. I’ll keep you posted on that so you have time to do all your final apocalypse preparations.

The bright side of this all was I gave away my first Smithee button a day early to some other poor chap stuck in the line that didn’t move. Tomorrow the button distribution begins for real. Muahahahahaha!

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