Origins ‘05: Something New – A Pictoblog

Stormtroopers 70105.jpg
They take con security very seriously here.

Welcome to the first official day of Origins ’05. I was up at 7:30 this morning (yeah, I know. I think I was possessed by demons or something) so I showered and headed down to breakfast. The Drury does a fine breakfast thing complete with eggs, biscuits, gravy, sausage, cereal, juice, French toast and make your own waffles. Yummmay! I did a little post dating while waiting for the rest of the room to wake up and then we all headed out to the dealer room. They opened at 10 this year instead of the traditional 1. However, it was about 1 by the time we got there anyway. Go figure.

Pillars 63005.jpg
First things first: Promotions Ninja Work. This is the breezeway area with scads of tasty metallic pillars. Pillars just begging to have a Smithee magnet placed on them. We obliged. Any small circular spot you see is a Smithee magnet, I believe there are about 20 of them on various sides of the pillars and one about 30 feet up. TheMan had some magnet flinging fun. He’s somewhere down at the other end of the breezeway flinging magnets. What cracks me up are the fellas to the near right looking at the monster magnet. About a minute after I snapped this pic they absconded with that magnet clutched tight in their hands. No worries fellas, I have tons more of those to hand out.

But of course we bought stuff and of course TheMan and I lost Badmovie and LunarGeography three booths into the goggling. I think TheMan saw pointies this-a-way and Badmovie saw…whatever shinies Badmovie is agog about that away and that was all she wrote.

IttyBittyMonkay 63005.jpg
I, of course, found monkeys!

Bandolier 63005.jpg
Here is the start of this year’s bandolier. The monkey button is actually from last year but it was so cool that it hitched a ride. Plus – Monkeys! The fella at Eight Foot Llama recognized the button right off and said I had good taste so of course I had to get a monkey to prove to the world that monkeys still love me this year. One of my goals it to sit in on a demo of “Who Stole Ed’s Pants”, one of the Llama guys games. They also have a game that has to do with penguins and bowling.

LooneyFlower 70105.jpg
I picked up a Looney Labs Flower but sadly, we discovered that Looney Labs does not have a booth this year. They do have about five authorized dealers (or other dealers that sell Looney Labs stuff) in the dealer hall so one can get their Looney fix if needed. There were rumors of a whole room upstairs dedicated to Looney Lab play which lessened the sting of finding no booth. The best part about Looney Labs is their dedicated Lab assistants who can demo all sorts of fun games for the wandering stranger. We made it our goal to seek out this lab and also to seek out the promo Fluxx cards as well, but not this time around.

LunarGeography 63005.jpg
Back at the room, TheMan and I met up again with Badmovie and LunarGeography and looked over our spoils. Here is LunarGeography modeling the whole purse and bandolier ensamb. Monkeys love her too.

PirateWeasel 63005.jpg
Cheese Weasel! We stopped off mostly for a bag and told them that we would buy something from them if they had a bag we could put all our stuff in. They did, so we picked up a card box for our burgeoning Fluxx Deck. They also sold Cheese Weasel magnets with the new pirate design. Arrr!

Pirates 63005.jpg
And also “Arrr!” These are a game, somehow, which we got a promo deck of in the official Origins bag. Hey, they have tall ships that you put together and then play some sort of game with them but who cares about that? Itty bitty credit card snap together Tall Ships! I think I am in love.

Warhammer 63005.jpg
Finally, the peas of resistance and most of our spending budget. TheMan is in heaven.

Last year at the booniverse: They loaded, and loaded, and loaded and…I thought we were going to be in Vancouver for the next three days there was so much luggage.

Last last year at the booniverse: For the whole first half we were alternately dragging chairs or ballot bimbo-ing, depending on the time.

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