Start of the Spoooooky Season

Hello hello, my first big news is WE HAVE AN OVEN! sorta. We at least picked one out and it’ll be delivered on Tuesday. Before then though, there were some weekend happenings including acquisition of seasonal peeps.

Friday was essentially kinda boring. We worked, we came home, we probably went to the brewpub, we maybe played Warcraft, most likely we went to bed early the end. Our Fridays aren’t really spectacular.

Saturday I got up earlyish for a Wasem’s run. Not so early that it was dark (or morning for those of you who 7am is sleeping in) but early enough that I thought I ought to plan a nap for the middle of the day. I needs me my beauty sleep yo! Anyway, DQ, LunarGeography and I headed out at the crack of 10:30 to get dooooooonuts, cider and maybe some other things. It was pretty yucky out so while I thought about wandering around and getting pumpkins, the inevitable mud wallow that becomes their back lots quashed any U-Pick ideas I might have had. Besides, this gives me an excuse to go back.

I picked up enough pre-picked plums to make another batch of plum wine (note to Mumses and Mr. Paul: We racked – and by “we” I mean TheMan – your Christmas plum wine this weekend) and I also picked up some pears for a short run of pear wine. They were selling cheap seconds (or something of that sort) which I thought, “Bonus! Wine does not need pretty, pretty pears so I’ll get this bag cheap, they’ll be rid of the iffy critters and I get wine out of the deal sometime down the road. Win/Win/Win!” If we want to do Apple wine I’ll have to go back again anyway so perhaps in a couple of weeks there will be another Waseming. The weather continued to be crappy with scattered yucky but a millionty people were still out getting their Orchard on. It was not the best day for U-Slogging fruit but some people planned it by golly so they went out and did it. I got muddy just walking from the parking lot to the building; I can’t imagine what the people out in the fields looked like.

After our Wasem’s run TheMan and I headed out to Sears to look at their oven options. We were going to do this Friday but lacked the energy/will/desire to do so then. Thus, Saturday tripping to the mall was in order. Yuck. We found us a nice stove on a sweet deal (floor model somewhere around a third to a half off) and with a 5 year “Everything that can possibly go wrong we’ll fix with this stove” deal had us a new oven. Almost. Well technically we did but physically it is going to take a bit to wander to casa del Q. The best part is that the oven we had been looking at which we though would do OK but we weren’t in love with exactly came out more expensive than our floor model deal and had less cool things. Our new oven has a hidden lower element so we won’t be dropping goo on it so it can anti-arc weld itself into bits. It also has a warmer drawer. Warmer! Drawer! I’m not sure what to do with that but I have some ideas. It also has a big assed view port oven window and a neat little grippy hole in the rack so you can slide it out and back nice and easily.

This cracks me up. I keep thinking of that one line in Star Wars where they are heading on out to the Death Star and one of the X-wing pilots says, “Look at the SIZE of that thing!” We have a dark side stove!!

Saturday evening I washed 17 bags of cranberries (WOOOO! They are out of my freezer! I could put a whole pig in there now if I wanted!) which wasn’t enough. 17 bags! I boogered off to the store to get more and also to do shopping while TheMan processed them. When I got home I discovered the Kitchen-Aid tucked off onto the floor and TheMan blendering the cranberries instead. Apparently while grinding up the cranberries, the Kitchen-Aid went “graaaaaarrrgh-gruuuunky-gruuuunky-khufft” and the magic smoke escaped. TheMan called up the Kitchen-Aid peeps to see what they could do for us but I guess an 18+ year old mixer is well past any service plans they offer. They didn’t even have the serial number in the system so they were guestimating on the age.

I am disturbed by TheMan’s new Saturday Appliance breaking trend…I might possibly ship him off to somebody else’s house next Saturday so he can break their stuff instead.

We prepped the cranberry wine and set it to burblate, played some WoW and went to bed.

Sunday DQ, theMan, Badmovie and I rolled down to Toledo to visit the Dagoskis (LunarGeography had head ‘splody so had to forgo the trip). They had a nice dinner laid out and we ate and gabbed until we had to hurry up home on account of it being Sunday and three quarters of us having to work the next day. The Dagoski’s apartment is kinda small but really doesn’t feel that way with how they have it arranged. If it were my place it’d look like a cramped little cave but they manage to fit all their stuff in plus three cats and it doesn’t look crowded at all. I envy their house planning skillz. I also want Dr. Wife’s cake recipe. Yum!

They are not kidding around this year with the peeps. If you don’t get your ghost peep head out of the way, they’ll package right over it.

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