Origins ‘05: Something Boom! – A Pictoblog

Happy Red, White and Boom extravaganza. They have a big todo here in Columbus, called “Red , White and Boom” with concerts and fun and a really good fireworks display. The one thing I love about Columbus is that it has a bunch of big building that make it seem like a serious city, yet there is space between them so we could watch most of the fireworks from the drive of the Drury even though they were being fired off over two buildings away. Sadly, I have no fireworks shots for y’all.

What I do have is…

Promotions Ninja 70105.jpg
Smithee Shirts! Huzzah! They came in sometime yesterday maybe? Whatever, we have them now. Or most of them. It appears as if a couple got left behind but eventually they will all get here. Only one person does not have a shirt for the show but we had an extra demo shirt for the masses to drool over (and potentially buy when we get the project up and running) so our shirtless member will be the official model for the show.

SmitheeTI 70105.jpg
Here’s a better pic of the art. Oooooo!

While TheMan and I sorted out the shirt order, Badmovie and LunarGeography took off for parts known to them. We followed to the dealer room, distributing magnets on the way, and tootled around looking for Fluxx Promo cards.

JellyFish OAS 70105.jpg
We found a jelly fish on a stick.

CatGuy 70105.jpg
We also found this guy. All I can say is…wow.

Looney 70105.jpg
Eventually we got our cards and headed on up to the Looney Labs test room for our final promo card, which you could only get once gathering all the others. Hmmm, this is sounding a lot like real like World of Warcraft. “Young questor! I need you to find the five hidden cards in the room of retailers. Ask the merchants questions and they shall give you the cards. Bring them back to me for your reward”. Hmmm Hmmm! It goes further! I forgot that the booths required you to perform for the cards! We got out of a lot of it by bartering with buttons (it’s good to be the ninja!) but we did have to tell a story, a joke and sing the teapot song. Nobody had gold exclamation points over their head though.

Today I also learned the pyramid game that I’ve been eyeing for about three years now. Sadly, they don’t have the original game because it’s too hard, but they have spin off games that use the pieces. I played “Zendo” which is a lot like Mastermind but not as rigid.

I also sat in on a Fluxx game and then taught it to two other people. Spreading the Fluxx love! There are two other pyramid based games I might check out tomorrow and a story telling game I might also check out. This will give me the coveted three stickers and access to the sixth and final promo card! Well, I actually have one from a fella I was playing Fluxx with who didn’t have a deck of his own, but I can get another! I also need to go find Ed’s pants tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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