The Saga of the New Stove

Split peas preparing to be soup back from the days of yore when we had a working oven.

One thing I forgot to mention about the stove buying is that when the sales guy said the stove would be delivered on Tuesday, I quipped that it figured that would be the delivery day because everything always happens on patch day. He surprised the socks off of us by replying, “I Know! But at least they are pushing 4.0.” Guh! I was just making a little joke for TheMan and I, because stuff always seems to happen when the Warcraft servers are down and I’m home sitting around waiting. Instead we found out that the sales guy plays on Feathermoon, and runs a Tauren DK and a belf pally which he’s going to switch over to a Tauren as soon as he is able. What a small WoW (the game) world.

So we got us a stove and I stayed home and did some updating since the servers were down (you’re welcome). The delivery guys arrived spot on time for their 10 to 12 window (10:05 is the time they put on the paperwork), took some measurements and then rearranged the living room because they couldn’t possibly come in the side door that we spent Monday clearing out for them. Bastards. They yoinked the old stove (bye bye!) and carried in the new stove, plugged it in and a burner fired up. That’s all that fired up, sadly, so they called some nebulous Sears person, said “It don’t work” handed me the phone and left.

Of course they would have a technician out as soon as they could and of course it couldn’t be until the next day. Never mind that I had the rest of the day off as vacation that day and I was supposed to have a working stove so I could bake cookies with the rest of my vacation day. The nebulous Sears person scheduled me a tech for 1-5 (the next day. sigh) and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. I asked her if she could bake me some cookies that I now couldn’t because I had no working oven and wouldn’t get a fix-it dude out until the next day. She did not know what to say to that but she also didn’t offer to bake me any cookies. She probably has a working oven.

At least we got a burner.

The technician came out today (TheMan took a half day off to meet him), determined that the stove was working peachy and that it was the house’s fault. We’d need an electrician bye bye. TheMan poked around the outlet a bit and discovered the innards were all whacked which caused half the stove plug to not make contact with anything useful (I’m blaming the delivery guys for yoinking out the old stove and mussing up our outlet innards. TheMan says it might have been just that the outlet is old and bendy. I’m too grumpy for bendy so Delivery Dudes it is). He unbent the bent parts, plugged in the stove and fired up the outlet. Wala! It’s alive!

TheMan then set about to making some pull apart pepper bread and we threw in some frozen chicken doogers when I got home. MUAHHAHHHAHHAHHAA! Working oven!!!

Also? The warming drawer is reportedly a most excellent place to put bread dough to rise.

Also also? The reason one burner worked is that our fanCAY new stove has a simmer setting on one burner which pulls 120 instead of the stove unit 240 needs. Since at least one prong was kissing electricity in our fuggled up outlet the burner was happy to fire up and get ready for any simmering needs we might have. Awww, how considerate. I think I will make soup this weekend just to make our simmer burner happy. And to have soup.

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