Picto-post Friday

Here are my illegal sophet ducks. Don’t mess with them man – they will cut you! I got these ducks way back when after we found a whole pack of them tangled up at the bottom of the giant window well. Apparently someone had them some duck racing down the giant slope of glass and the next day we found the bottom littered with duckies. I took three of them because it amused me to think of duck races. Now they break the rules and hang out on top of the sophet.

The sophet is that shelfy doodad that runs around about a foot below the ceiling. We’re not supposed to store anything on them but YOU try telling the window ducks. I aint going near those bad mofos.

Also something that amuses me; I got a used toner with some artwork on it. Sadly, it took me about three days to realize the woman was thinking recycle…maybe I need more coffee.

Or perhaps fireballs. Lookie what Sam’s has again. WHEEEE!


I picked up one of those “grow them in a pot” deelies a couple weeks ago because they are cone flowers. Not because I have a great track record for growing things at work (0 in 2 at the moment, although if these survive it’ll be 1 in 3) but because I thought to myself, “Cone flowers? Don’t those get three feet tall or so? These must be dwarf cone flowers, I gotta try them out!” As it turns out no. The instructions are “do that watery thing. Watch them sprout. Repot them when they get bigger”. Which they will. Muuuuuuch bigger. I think that’s kind of a rip to sell seed pots that you have to transplant, I am highly disappointed. On the other hand, I have sprouts which is more than the tea ever did and so far the same as the marigolds did. If the sprouts survive for more than a week they will surpass the record set by the marigolds. I’m kinda excited by that. I also have a window now (sorta, this lives in the equipment room so I guess I’m borrowing space from the printers to grow my flowers) which might improve the prospects.

Pocket Monkey! When I brought him into work I wore him around in my pocket for a while. Nobody noticed because he was lost in the pattern. Poor monkey.

Out and about I caught these two ladies playing catch on the Diag with their lunch box. I guess if you don’t have a football or a Frisbee you make do.

Construction update: They have the entire commons area latticed over and have started putting lattice on top of the lattice. Supposedly the glass was going to start going up around September 20th but maybe they meant that they were going to start the whole glassing process which included a lot of not putting actual glass up but…errrr…doing prep work or something. Needless to say that as of today they haven’t started glassing.

What they did do, however, is trigger a fire drill. At lest it was a really nice day for it and I got some awesome fall leaves pics.

Did I mention that Bubbles sent out some JSFS? She did! We got home and lo! A BOX! Full of Snacks (squee) and a neat little bunny card. There are just enough snacks to cover all of November so in the words of PBS, “JSFR funding for November is brought to you by the Bubbles foundation”.

Bubbles wrocks yo.

Another thing that wrocks is that my camera has a bunch of different settings I haven’t even begun to try out. Why would I need a reverse thingie setting? I don’t know but I got it!

Like a very high thing my sunflowers have finally growed up. The trick is to ignore them for about two months and then suddenly sunflowers!

And then there is LunarGeography’s garden. She is a druid for sure.

Little Kitty says ‘Feckoff’

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