Origins ‘05: And Nothing In My Shoe – A Pictoblog

DT Columbus 62905.jpg
Day five? Well day four of the con, day five of being in Columbus. Here’s a downtown shot for y’all (actually taken while arriving but who’s counting?)

We all got up, but not in time for breakfast, washed, packed and loaded the cars. We then partook of the world’s laziest last day saunter through the dealer room to get last minute stuff. TheMan opted to stay back and zone so it was just Badmivie, LunarGeography and I. TheMan and I had to pick up a Looney Labs flower pack and Fluxx deck for DQ and LunarGeography had her list of things she may or may not have wanted to buy. She wrote them all down, or rather told Badmovie to write them all down since he is very seldom without pen or paper, the very first day and mulled them over until the last day. Some things made the cut, some did not. I wound up with the flower/Fluxx pack and a free buttonman. Cool, eh? Sadly, I do not have a final shot of the bandolier but I scored much better free buttonage Friday and Saturday (and Sunday).

We moseyed up to the Looney Labs’ Demo room (Lab’s Demo room? No, I think the first one was right) and managed to score all the rest of our missing cards despite never having found Bunny Craig (who I looked for all convention long with no success), Bunny Sue and Bunny Petra. They evidentially found the master stash and gave us our cards. Squee! We moseyed back, grabbed coffee and headed on out.

Painted building 62905.jpg
Some cool building art.

Wear It 70305.jpg
Cool lawn art?

Welcome Home 70305.jpg

The kitties were happy to see us again. Or at least happy to see the empty luggage again.
Cat Zen 70305.jpg
You moment of Cat Zen.

Last year at the booniverse: She even directed us to a good restaurant near by where I got… [cue reverb f/x]A Mighty Halibut Sandwich.

Last last year at the booniverse: Right now I’m doing a combination of mooching candy and loafing around doing squidgy things that don’t seem like work things but really are because I really don’t want to be doing what I’m supposed to be doing and I can’t get away with surfing the web for the remaining 2.5 hours.

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