End of an Era plus French Toast

Oh say, we did something Friday…I mean other than sleep or Warcraft.

Rob shot TheMan and I an e-mail early in the day to let us know that an era had come and gone: His mom sold her house. He thought we could get together for nostalgic drinks and possibly eats; we thought that might be keen. TheMan and I had us some dinner plans anyway and then some concert plans as MC Frontalot was in town. Sadly, we had to make a run home first through budding UofM/MSU crack crazy game traffic so we bagged on MC Frontalot. Sorry that, we were just maddened by the traffic and the thought of going back in to town made us homicidal. Oh you laugh but I’m telling you now that everybody was boogering about the area the day before to get their party on. Driving sucked ass Friday and Saturday which prompted us to make a new rule: No going anywhere remotely stadiumwards or even townwards when two major teams which are geographically close are playing the football. Fortunately, this should only apply to MSU and OSU homegames and also fortunately MC Frontalot tours frequently so we can probably catch him elsewhere.

What we did do was hang at the brewpub (of course we did) and close it down Friday night.

Saturday morning was another run to Wasem’s because LunarGeography made some stellar applesauce out of last week’s pickings and needed more apples. Who doesn’t? I picked up another bag o’ pears for wine and Rumtopf and of course donuts. The weather was a lot nicer so they had run out of pumpkin donuts (stupid people getting donuts at MY fruit orchard!) but we made do with blueberry, cinnamon sugared apple and maple glazed apple. I think I took a nap in there somewhere because I could and I also put a pot on for soup. SOUP!

Two interesting things about our new stove: The big pot, which I was trying to boil down chicken bones for catsoup, does not fit on the upper right big back burner because the nobby-nobs stick out into the pot belly and skew the whole thing cattywhompus. The other big burner, the lower left, is the simmer burner which I wanted to use to simmer the bean soup. I had to disgruntledly not simmer my bean soup on the back burner, being as the bean soup was in the smaller pot, and boil my cat soup on the front simmer burner. It all worked out well but I did not get to test drive the simmering qualities of the front burner much.

Catsoup is our first attempt at making home made gooshy food for Vande-cat. It’s a chicken leftovers from the Egg Man (back, neck and other unwanted parts left over after processing the tasty bits) boiled down, meat picked out and freezer fish that we ought to have used way back thrown in for meaty meats. Vande hates it. We also discovered that when you boil down half a large pot of chicken the water actually goes somewhere and not just into the nether ether somewheres. This was discovered when the kitchen started raining. On the other hand, we now have clean walls and ceiling sorta.

Soup was made into the night and some Warcraft was played.

Sunday we did not get up early because we didn’t have to exactly. We caught up with the BadGardens and went out to Nick’s Original House of Pancakes for some Fat Elvis French toast. We decided to try some of the other offerings round table style so Pineapple upsidown french toast and Peach cobbler french toast were also purchased and shared. On the whole, the Fat Elvis got happy tummy munchie reviews (it’s not so sweet actually and that was a redeeming feature. I had a classic case of peanut butter mouth – I thought it could use more banana – but everyone else seemed to like the Fat Elvis quite a lot). The pineapple upsidown was number two on the favs list, clocking in at tasty if really sweet, then everything else including the coffee and lastly the peach cobbler french toast. The peaches were hard and a bit tasteless and the cobbler bits were just granola thrown on the toast. I would have liked tastier peaches and gooier cobbler bits. I guess the peachy syrup was OK.

I can live for a while not going to Nick’s but eventually we have to try the caramel apple french toast, the s’more french toast and the Boston cream pie french toast. Not today though. Probably not any time soon either. We waddled home, lazed about and then rolled over to the BadGardens for the Sunday game.

2009: The best part of the dish were the veggies. They were also by far the greasiest part of the dish. However, they tasted of bacon and apple and scrumptious. I regret nothing!

2008: JSFR: Kasugai Pineapple Gummy

2007: It’s cold and wet and nasty outside like a typical November morning might be except it’s currently October.

2006: Hey, do you know what totally makes a schwarma sammich? The pickle. Mmmm.

2005: I need a turkey baster and an ice pick. So! Much! Sinus! Pressure!

2004: I thought I might go rummaging through Joy to see if it might have a section on How To Drive A Zester. Joy is the BOMB for that sort of stuff.

2003: JSFR: Jelly Cake (brown)

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