Patch Day!

This is going to be a warcraft intensive post so all you non WoW (the game)-ites might want to tune in Friday. I hear Little Kitty will have something to say.

Anyway, Tuesday was the massive 4.whatever patch for Warcraft which means that they’ve changed up the graphics engine a bit and they’ve revamped all the talents. The way you played before? GONE! It took forEVer to upload too (the PC is *still* downloading the data 24 hours later!) so we did not raid Tuesday night. The laptop only took about 2 hours to get right with the world so I did get to take my toons out and about.

I can’t say that I’m overly fond of the new Pally tree. Some stuff is cool but they’ve gone and made two different rotations depending on if you are single target tanking or multi target tanking. I don’t want to have to think about single or multi, I just want to hit my buttons and keep the critters off my clothies. They have also introduced this…combo points like thing where you collect charges and can turn them in for stuff. I hate that on a rogue (rogues have always had that dynamic, even since the assassin class in Diablo) and I sure as heck don’t want to deal with that on my Pally but surprise! Stupid combo points. The graphics suck too.

TheMan tested out the new shammy stuff and he likes it a lot. I can’t really test out the Pally without actually going out and tanking because they don’t have tanking test dummies. They don’t have healing dummies either so tanks and healers just gotta do their thing live I guess. The laptop isn’t set up for real playing yet so I didn’t do any testing.

I did tool around with Tan, insane warlock extreme, and respecced the demonology tree. Partly because Tan has always been Demonology specced but primarily because they put a talent in which allowed the spell ‘hellfire’ to continue doing its hellfire thing even if the warlock moved. For those of you not in the know, hellfire is an area of effect spell that radiates out from the warlock in fiery bursts and cooks both the enemies around the warlock and the warlock. The spell lasts the duration of its timer as long as the warlock stays put, which could indeed exceed the amount of health a warlock has and kill them right off. Needless to say, healers aren’t really keen on warlocks using hellfire and I only know of one (old world) instance where you would use the spell anyway but I had to get the moving one because I could.

Besides, is there anything more cute than a gnome running around on fire? I think not.

The first thing I did after setting my new spec was fire up the movable hellfire and run around the town. It was indeed just as adorable as I thought it was going to be up until the point where I realized my poor gnommie was leaking health like a vast leaky thing but still running movable hellfire. Hmmm. TheMan asked if there was a way to stop movable hellfire before the timer (or the gnommie’s health) ran out and I still don’t know! I probably should have looked into that before running around arse afire but fortunately they give a lot of health bonuses to demonologists.

Some other things I do not like about the new patch: You have to complete one entire tree before you can choose stuff from the other trees. This doesn’t bother me much as a level 80 player but you have to be 40 before you can branch out, so to speak. That seems kind of limiting. They also renamed all my demons! Why? I’ve had the same names for those demons for going on 6 years now and they were cool names even though I can’t remember what my imp’s name was. My blue was Belkrish (cool), my puppy was Phuunom (cool), who cares what noisy’s name was, we always called her noisy anyway and my big demon was Juutom. Now my imp is Noluck (or whatever), my blue is also something horrible, who still cares what noisy’s name is and my big fearsome demon of death? Chinkrill. Seriously, Chinkrill. FEAR SHRIMPFACE MY MIGHTY DEMON!

Weirdly the puppy’s name didn’t change but I don’t ever use him so Shrimpface the mighty, mighty demon it is. Lesigh.

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