America the Wet

Ahhhh, happy fourth and all (even though it’s a day late…had to post a JSFR to keep the junkies at bay). We didn’t do much in the way of celebrating since Sunday was a mighty day of sloth and we didn’t pick up any fireworks south of the border. I’ll give it to you Ohians, you can do the fireworks thing up proud. We, on the other hand, just couldn’t muster the energy to pull the car off the highway and stop somewhere for our flammables fix so nothing for us this year.

Our fourth here at the Q house started out with TheMan and me luxuriously sleeping in until noonish. Ahhh, AC. Ahhhh, our own bed. Ahhhh, to be able to sleep as we prefer to sleep, which isn’t exactly the sleep one should sleep when sharing a room with friends. Nuff said that, we slept the sleep of those returning back home and it was good. Sorta. We also had to contend with cats who were a bit wigged out and would have happily slept on our heads if only to comfort themselves that their people were back. Not that they cared mind you, because a cat does not lower itself to such petty displays of emotion, but they did spend an awful lot of time sprawled out over us or rubbing up against us. I’m sure it was all because their cat smell had faded and they needed to re-mark their humans. Of course it was that.

Anyway, we got up and moseyed over to Rob’s place to…ahhhh…well it was originally a lunch thing but by the time we were up and moving lunch had passed so it was more a hang thing. Eh. We brought the Cheese Weasel Pirate box that houses our Fluxx Deck and Pirates Cards. Pirates is the game of credit card punchable tall ships so while I was all about playing Fluxx and perhaps test running our new stash of cards, Rob was ALL about the Pirates so we played Pirates.

The cool aspects of the game are: We played it on a glass top coffee table that had a grid like under…carriage? Belly? Support? Anyway, it was like our own ocean hex map, except the divisions were squares, not hexes. The boats? Way wicked to assemble and line up and generally play with. There are island cards too which are sort of cool (but they are not plastic, sadly) and there is punch out treasure (arrr!) and punch out RUM! But LunarGeography made off with the only known rum – which, granted, was in her deck – so we had no rum for…errr…whatever one uses rum for (in the game that is). We did wind up with LunarGeography’s fleet however (ARRR!) so maybe we can trade a boat for the rum. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be as easy a trade as I am hoping. Lets see, what else. Right! They have some cool crew punch outs too that give the boats different advantages. Plus, the boats can do different things, which is nice.

The disadvantages are: The moving system, while pretty simple (the boats move by using combinations of short lengths of the credit cards and/or long lengths of the credit cards so it’s a fairly self contained moving system) in theory is a bit of a hassle in practice. Some of the cards have official marked long and short ends (which don’t quite go to the edge proper of the cards) but I told TheMan and Rob that I was in no mood for being so precisely picky picky and that we would be using any old card because long was long and I was NOT going to be haggling over a two millimeter variance. I can see where this game can be murder if you happen to be playing with a rules monger. Also, it was hard to not knock the ships a bit using a credit card shaped piece as a measuring device. If I played seriously, I’d make my own ship movement marker. Our other gripe was the fact that a crewman must be the same nationality as the ship. We have an American crewman but no American ship…what up with that?!?? In theory the game is self contained in a booster pack but again…Yank with no ship to sail on.

My third gripe is that TheMan creamed Rob and my hiney. The game ought not to be made so that TheMan has such a clear advantage.

After being thoroughly dominated at sea, TheMan and I headed out to DQ’s house for some 4th of July grillin action. She had picked up a new and roomier grill so the baby Weberette wasn’t taxed by cow and brats and we had ourselves a right fine cook out. That is until the sky opened up and deluged us with enough water to fill an Olympic sized pool. Fortunately we were already inside at the time but it rained and rained and rained for the better part of the evening. I’m thinking our severe laziness was really a premonition because there wasn’t a single span of time the whole evening that I would have gone out and lit off fireworks anyway. I’m not lazy, I’m psychic!

The rain didn’t seem to stop the kids next door though. They were out there in the pouring buckets lighting all sorts of stuff off. Every five minutes or so the street would totally fill with smoke so that we couldn’t see the house across the way, and then it’d die down while they found other things to set a fire. At least there was very little chance of starting a grass or tree or anything near by fire, although I’d also like to point out that a roman candle when tipped over on its side in a puddle will still shoot out sparks and balls of flame. They must have been out there setting things off for an hour, all the while the sky was yarking up a mess. That’s dedication.

We, on the other hand, stayed and watched the rest of Buffy Season 1 until the rain let up to a distracted drizzle, then TheMan and I tootled home and went to bed. Drat, vacation over.

Last year at the booniverse: His face got all panicky as he looked unbelievingly at the empty bay and he started to mumble “The…boat. It’s gone! They wouldn’t have left us? But…the boat…where? The boat…”

Last last year at the booniverse: I am not sure which was worse, the sporadic shift from full screen to multiple split screen for…ummm…you know, I really never figured out why we were shown some scenes in multiple and some not. It was that bad. It was so bad, I can’t even remember what I was going to say that was worse than that.

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