As Easy as Cherry Wine

Sometimes we plan a batch of wine and line up a shopping trip to pick up the fruit of choice while other times we will be ho-humming along and FRUIT! It happened two years ago with the spontaneous blueberry wine and this week TheMan and I happen to find ourselves in possession of about 3 gallons of tart cherries. Out of the blue, Scott H sent us an e-mail saying “Want a gallon or two of tart cherries?” followed up by another e-mail which said, more or less, “My neighbor’s tree was loaded with cherries – 3.5 gallons of cherries. I’m only using half a gallon, the rest are yours.” Yay Scott H! And Yay Scott H’s neighbor! And yay tart cherry tree!

It looks like our next batch of wine will be tart cherry.

I’m planning on writing a picto-blog of the wine experience as we dink with the cherry wine, starting with tonight’s cleaning and depitting/destemming and ending with the finished project. Don’t expect to see the entry any time soon as it takes about a year for wine to do its wine thing but at least tonight I have plans. Me and cherries, like this babE!

I am also reminded that we have frozen cranberries in the freezer (the duh news there) and an excellent recipe for cranberry wine so when we get back from vacation and after the bru-ha-ha we might start up on a second batch of cranberry wine. Currently, the Q house is carboying a rather ho-hum strawberry, a brown sugar apple wine and I believe a pumpkin wine (although I don’t remember 3 carboys of wine in the cellar. KFu awareness, I tell ya!). TheMan, who is the official wine maestro, remarked that they needed to get racked soon but I’m not sure what all is on the time table with them in terms of bottling. My guess is that the apple will be ready to bottle this fall and probably the ninja pumpkin (how else would I have been able to overlook a 5 gallon carboy full of gold liquid in a 10 by 10 room? Has to be ninja pumpkin wine) as well. The strawberry we are thinking of mixing with something because it’s not really flavorful. Sadness.

Right! I have a small skirmish with the Horde to contend with and then it’s cherry washin’ time. Maybe I’ll post some pics (because I can) or maybe I wont. We’ll see. Ciao!

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