We didn’t get to the cherry wine yesterday because the camera was sort of accidentally forgotten and I wanted to take pics of the process. Besides, Saturday should be a much better day for making wine, right? Right!

We did play some more World of Warcraft and I have one sentence to describe the night’s play: Random groups suX0rs. We picked up Skippy and Bob, the loot ninja twins and were lucky to get even one quest done (and that was only because the drop was a multi drop and everyone got one). I need to learn to punt poor players but you think “Eh, at least I’m getting further along than I did without Skippy and Bob…even though they keep taking all the frikin quest items when we are still fighting but no. I’ll be calm and besides “There are tons of quest boxes” which, is true except Skippy and Bob keep RUNNING OFF AND NOT GIVING THE REST OF US A CHANCE TO GET OUR ITEMS BECAUSE SKIPPY AND BOB NINJA LOOTED EVERY SINGLE BOX BEFOREHAND” Arrrrgh! I should have let them die and explained that we hadn’t gotten to loot anything yet and if they insisted on running off then that was their problem. Maybe that’s why they had trouble getting groups? Because they SUCK!

OK, I’m better now. Breathe in…breathe out…

Today there was no WoW but there was rain and a movie. Lots of rain. Tons of rain. Rain and hail. Hail and lightning. The only thing there wasn’t were frogs or brimstone but I wouldn’t have been surprised if there were. Oh my. I skedaddled out of work to a nice lazy drippy rain, one that I could comfortably walk through without getting my shoes or my person too wet. I can dig that kind of rain. I did stop to watch some spectacular lightning fights between the clouds and the ground but all in all it was easy going. Then I hit a point where I was just about to cross into a clearing when the sky started spitting hail. Hail? Hey! Fortunately, I was a quick scoot to a line of trees so I wasn’t getting too pelted. But still. Hail? Ow. Unfortunately, the weather had me marked and stopped hailing soon after it saw that I was no longer getting thipped in the head and started in on the water works. It rained so hard it looked like a fog bank had just rolled in. It was angry water too, whipping through the trees and trying to hurl itself through people’s umbrellas. I think the umbrellas made it particularly cranky because there was tude to this rain. There was also really no point in being under the trees anymore since mere leaves posed no refuge anymore from the rain and besides, I was getting splatted with leaves that were ripped off by the rain …bullets? Seriously. There was so much water everything was flash flooded and I had about a block of unprotected walking to do before I might possibly get under some real shelter.

Do you know how wet a person can get in a block of monsoon rain? I had no idea until Friday, but the answer is there is but one “dry” spot left on that person, provided they don’t wet their pants. If I had stepped into the shower fully clothed that morning and hung out under the spout for 20 minutes I would probably be just about as wet as I was this evening. Bleh.

So a change of clothes were in order before we met up for the movie. Alessar organized a Fantastic Four outing, which we were a tad late to due to the angry, angry weather, and since TheMan has been pining to go see something in the theaters (and likes him some Fantastic Four quite a bit) we tagged along. I had low expectations for the movie, not knowing a whole lot about the Fantastic Four, but I had a great time. That is, once I recovered from my swoon of shelling out 19 smackers for two tickets. NINETEEN! That’s all sorts of wrong. Nineteen. pfft! I loved the casting. Michael Chiklis I’ve liked since “The Commish” but is probably more famous for his “The Shield” bad cop character. Sadly, I’ve not seen “The Shield” but I hear it’s really good. He played The Thing/Ben Grim. There was also Julian McMahon of “Profiler”, “Charmed” and “Nip/Tuck”fame and I like him quite a bit too. And then there was the lead playing Reed Richards. The whole movie I was bothered that I knew I had seen him somewhere but I couldn’t figure out where. So, I hung out for the credits and as soon as his name popped up Bingo! Ioan Gruffudd of the Horatio Hornblower series. Man, I’d watch a movie that completely sucked if it had those three actors in it. Mmmm, tasty Ioan.

Wait, where was I? Right!

The rest of the cast, although talented but not as noteworthy for me, consisted of Jessica Alba of Dark Angel infamy (except she actually acted in F4, which was a nice change. She wasn’t bad either) and Chris Evans who I don’t know from a hole in the wall. He looks like every Tom, Dick or Harry pretty boy surfer Hollywood type but I enjoyed his portrayal of the role. He nailed asswad really well. Heh. So I’d give the movie a couple thumbs up even if it swayed a little from cannon. It’s a good watch.

Afterwards, we ate a bit of late dinner and trundled on home. Not so bad for an evening’s entertainment I’d say.

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