Oh no Kittens!

“Oh yes kittens,” say Buttons (dark cat) and Pandora (calico cat). We’ve had enough of ’em running around all stupid crazy. Take one…in fact take two they are really small.

Yesterday we went to meet the Devon Rex kittens and wow (the expression) are they cute/weird looking. They are like the furry love-child of Marty Feldman and Yoda. First, though, I wanted to show y’all the grownup cats because the 4 week old kittens? Sort of pugalicious cute at this stage.

Here’s one of the white adults. Judie (the breeder) has three grown up white cats; one is a momma and one is a grandmomma who hasn’t had a litter in three years but has had milk this whole time and steps in to nurse whatever litter is around. This may be a good thing because one of the mommas is a new momma and it took her a bit to figure out kittens. She tried moving her litter by picking them up by the back legs, which didn’t work out great. They she grabbed them by the ear. Kittens didn’t much take to that method of transportation either. Finally new momma cat figured out the whole neck scruff thing.

Speaking of kittens, this is one of the blue ones. I think there are two blue boys and two blue girls. I have no idea which one this is.

Here’s one of the two lavender kittens looking all forlorn in the bottom cat cage.

This is the chocolate/silver tabby. We took a liking to this fella and if he’s up for grabs, we might just grab him. It’s too early to tell which kitten is show fabulous and which isn’t so in a month or so we’ll go back and hang some more with the kittens.

Here’s the little white kitten. He might be going to a fella in Albuquerque who wants a solid colored cat. All the rest of the kittens are some variant of tabby so if the fella out west likes this kitten, he’ll probably be shipped out that way. The little smudge of color on the top of this one’s head is called a ‘kitten cap’ and it tells what other color the cat is carrying (in his case, blue). White cats born without a kitten cap are usually deaf so breeders are happy to see the smudge. It goes away after a while leaving the cat all white.

Kittens at play. They are just at the stage where they are starting to figure out all their limbs and whatnot so there isn’t so much jumping around as there is wobbling into each other.

A slappy kitty fight. This was the funniest thing to watch since the kittens aren’t anywhere near coordinated enough to have an actual fight which doesn’t end up with one or both of them face planted. They gave it a good go though with lots of squeaky enthusiasm and flailing paw whacking.

“What do you suppose that is Holmes?” “I don’t know Watson but I think my claw is stuck on the door here.”

“ACK! Where did you come from?”

“Ohmigosh! Did you hear that noise? I have no idea what it was but I sure am glad we are tiny enough to zoom under here when it happened.”


“I am not entirely comfortable with this, I think I need an adult.”

Unfortunately most of the adults were over on my lap. On the left is an older retired queen who turned out to be deaf. She went to another home for a while but the cat already there kept bouncing her so the family brought her back. Judie had no idea the cat was deaf because apparently she takes all her cues from what the other cats are doing. She is getting some happy scritchies and is the most mellow cat. Lined up for lap time is Pandora and one of the momma cats. In my lap about ready to put the smack down on the white momma cat is another white cat who hates kittens. Apparently she hates white cats who are thinking about crawling into her lap space too. Just after this shot there was a major skirmish in my lap. Off to the right is the last kitten from the previous litter.

She really took a shine to both TheMan and I, staying in one or the other’s lap most of the time. As you can see, she doesn’t have a lot of hair at the moment but she should get a nice coat in before she’s grown (she’s about 4 months now). Despite the kitten’s baldness, TheMan and I really liked her but Judie hasn’t yet decided if she is going to keep this kitten for her breeding program. She’ll wait another month to see if the hair grows in and then she’ll decide the fate of the older white kitten. If she doesn’t want to keep her for breeding, she’ll keep us in mind.

“Nope, not comfortable with the situation at all.”

“Hmmm, so there’s one white kitten…that would be me. Two lavender kittens, one chocolate silver kitten and four blues? Does that make eight of us?”

The older white kitten staked out a spot on my left leg which Buttons also wanted a part of. Neither cat was giving an inch but both cats got what they wanted. Awww, sleepy kitties.

Kittens eating. Awwww.

So, if we wind up with the older white kitten, we’re thinking of naming her Tess after Tessla. If we get the Chocolate Silver kitten we’ll probably name him Benoît Mandelbrot (Ben for short). More news in a month!

“I’m not sure what a bad ass fucking fractal is but I’d so hunt one if I could. RARH!”

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