Finally, Wine (and Other Weekend Excursions)

It is impossible for me to write five consecutive entries I do believe. Thank your lucky stars all you booniverse readers because nothing truly goes on here a whole lot and writing every day might just be a cure for insomnia. Besides, writing every day is an awful lot like work and I’m not only the president of the Cheeto Butt society, I’m a member too.

Have I mentioned my perma low grade charlie horse? I don’t think so and again, Cheeto here so I’m not going to go sifting back through my last week of entries to find out, but for the past 2ish weeks my right calf has been very stiff and hurty. It feels like I pulled a muscle quite badly back there except…I’ve done nada. No really. I don’t think sitting on my fanny playing World of Warcraft is strenuous enough to pull a calf muscle and that’s about the extent of my activities. Yeah, I need to get moving more but the point here is mysteriously, my leg is having a fit. I think I must have slept on it funny one night and bamn! Charlie horse except it wasn’t one of those pull you straight up out of the bed Charlie horses because I *would* have remembered that. Instead, my theory is that a muscle twinged enough to maybe wake me up, maybe not and then got itself all pulled. It’s annoying me, but not enough to get me to take good and proper care of it what with ice packs and hot packs and rubs and whatnot. I did pay special attention to it Thursday and it felt tons better Friday but I walked all over the freekin place Friday (and in the rain too) and my leg got all angry again. Gah. I have TMJ of my calf muscle! Owwie.

It looks like today is going to be a traditional weekend update post so without further ado…the weekend!

I posted Friday about the Fantastic Four, which I really rather liked (plus, delish Ioan Ggrriiffuudd) and the biblically proportioned rain storm which while cool can really go on the “didn’t like so much” list. Saturday we planned to get up early but you know how that goes. Or doesn’t go in our case. Whatever, we got up and that’s what counts. We had some errands to run, including stopping by TheMan’s office for the camera, which we inconveniently forgot there on Friday. I’m blaming the storm for dousing the thought from my brain. We went out, we erranded and…we forgot the keys to the office so we couldn’t get the camera. GAH! I did get a giant bag of caramel centered Hershey’s kisses which…daaaaaaamn. Thems are really good eats, especially frozen. Fortunately, I got them for the office (the one I don’t work for) so they are less tempting. Unfortunately, they were in the house all Saturday and Sunday. Mmmmmmmmm.

The cherries weren’t getting any less ripe so TheMan started in on wine processing Saturday evening. I sat on my keester and dinked around on the net until I felt guilty about TheMan doing all the prep work. Heh, I’m the pick of wives! (what?!? My calf has a muscle tumor! I can’t pit cherries with a TMJ calf muscle tumor!) All in all, it took us three hours (one for TheMan solo and two with both. Or maybe he did a third of them in 1.5 hours and we both did 2/3 in 1.5 hours. Whatever, that was a lot of cherries. Fortunately, they were ripe enough to pit with our fingers. Zzzz, splt, plink, plop (which is the sound of sticking your thumb nail in the cherry, pulling it apart, scooping the seed into the seed jar and tossing the cherry into the cherry bucket). The cherries met the sugar, the yeast was started in its own separate (but equal!) jar (well, not really but metaphorically speaking maybe) and boiling water was added until the cherry slurry was happily hanging out in the giant fermenter bucket. Then we

wait for it

Played WoW!!!

(you knew that was coming).

Nothing much to report about that so I’ll just hop on over to Sunday. Sunday was Grandma Minnie’s 93rd birthday so we zoomed up to Saginaw to celebrate. We came, we ate Chinese and we left. It was a good time but it also meant that the lawn didn’t get mowed, the dishes didn’t get done and the house remained in its frantic cluttered state. What can I say, I work better in the evenings and evenings are the time for social engagements so no clean for me. I suppose you could also think on that as I can not stand mornings and nothing gets done in the mornings less it absolutely positively life threateningly has to be done and even then I’ll not be happy.

Oh, and to the person who repeatedly called our house in the unsociable hours of the morning and refused to leave a message – QUIT IT. If I ever find out who you are there will be words and possibly uncomfortable broom sticks involved.

OK, that’s all I got. See yas later

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