Look At Me, All Posting and Whatnot!

Heh, no I didn’t fall off the face of the earth (although that would have been much more exciting than what I have been doing lately) I’ve just been doing…errr…things. No! Stuff. Yes, stuff. Definitely stuff. Maybe some things too, but mostly stuff.

Oh all right, I’ve been doing bupkis really. Boring, mind numbing bupkis which was boring enough for me to live through much less write about so you’re welcome for that. Heh, I have confession. I didn’t write about my things and stuff bupkis not because I wanted to save you from having to drill your own bored minds out but because I’d have to write it, which is like living it again and daaaaaaamn if that wasn’t daunting to even contemplate.

Wednesday: I sat on my ass
Thursday: I sat on my ass some more
Friday: Woah! I got up off my ass! And then moved to the other side of the couch. fini.

Except, of course, I’d make all those days each a 1000+ word entry so again, you’re welcome. Saving humanity, one suicidally bored reader at a time. Who says I never do things for you people eh?

Speaking of “eh”, I’m off to Canada and the international transplant games this Sunday. Hooray! A quick short for those of you who may be confused: NO, it’s not the 100 meter kidney toss. YES, it is a transplant awareness gig where transplant recipients compete in sports. The donor families (and I suppose the donors themselves if they are still around) also come along and it’s one huge gathering of people. I’m going with the transweb team who takes pics, writes stories and posts stuff on the web here. Don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing…maybe some writing, maybe some picture taking (and hopefully the damn camera will be back from the doc’s already. GAH!!) but I’ll be doing something because I’m going. TheMan will be going along too, of course (he’s how I got my in), because he is their resident techno geek. Me? Well…I’m really good at sitting around on my hinder, but I don’t suppose that is exactly a talent they are looking for. Pity because I excel in loafing.

Check this out – I have a new seed project. Oh yes I do. I have no garden or other garden or bathroom for that matter (which really doesn’t fit the whole living green planty thing I’m building up here but never the less, it is true that I also have no downstairs bathroom along with no garden. s. Gardens. Although, I do have the seeds for said gardens and OK, I’m just going to take you back to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress) but I happened to have a flat of those seed starter thingits and a Sam Adam’s pint glass full of tart cherry pits. It’s synergy, I tell you. I now have 50 planted tart cherry pits that I’m hoping will grown into at least one or two cherry trees. I’m even thinking of making one of those larger sized bonsai plants out of a cherry tree if I get at least a couple trees. I’m pretty excited about this new project, hopefully I won’t grow mold or dead seedlings like the last two seed experiments. I’ll keep you posted.

My other big news is that I had an interview today for the full time position that has opened up in the department I’ve been farmed out to. Whooooo! And I can post it even since my boss knows about it and won’t accidentally stumble around the internet and say “Woah! I think that boo chick works for me and what interview?!??” I’m not sure how good my chances are because they are looking for someone with more experience in a particular part of the job than I have (although I have some pretty decent strengths in other areas) but some good things have come from this. First, I asked the interviewer, who is the super of the unit that I work for, if I didn’t get the job, could I at least expand my responsibilities in her area so I can be of more use to her department. She was very receptive to that. Second, I had my yearly review today and my boss is all on board with my expanding my skill set and is going to talk to some other people and see if there is anything I can learn. Well, booyaw! At least if I don’t get the job I’ll get some extra training and be more versatile. My life picture does not have me being an administrative assistant for the rest of my days but you can’t do much else if you don’t have the experience.

And this got me thinking. What AM I going to do with my life? The answer is pretty much “Dunno” and is probably more like “I guess keep plugging along until something happens” because I’m a lazy creature of habit. I’m hoping my job gets a little more fun (for let’s face it, I did the admin thing for 4 years at my other job and now for 5 years here. Been there, done that, bought the soundtrack…y’know?) either by being another job or adding new responsibilities to my current job that let me work in different areas than I have been. However, there is the question of “What if I don’t get the new job and my old job stays the same old same old job?” Hmmmm, dunno but I’m thinking about it.

I’m also thinking of my outside activities and how I can use those to my advantage. Mostly, it’s to do with the impending transplant game and the fact that I don’t really have an assignment per se. I can write, more or less, and I can take pictures, more or less, but I don’t have much to show for my writing or my pictures other than what’s here at the booniverse. Of course, I view the booniverse as a practice ground for writing so other than showing that I have a strong grasp of profanity and have mastered the run on sentence, it’s not exactly portfolio material. I suppose I could pick out a “best of” but that’s a lot of material to sift through. A lot of material. A lot of lot and oi! At least I have the JSFR in a whole category by itself so I can show examples of reviews. If anyone is looking for a Snack Food Reviewer, I’m your boo! Check it out, 84 entries with pictures! (and computer mange, how many other reviewers give you that huh?)

Buuuuuut somehow I’m thinking the JSFR won’t propel me to the heights of greatness. Pity too because I like pocky.

Anyway, somewhat along those lines I got to thinking about photos, since I take quite a lot of them (digital, babE!). People who are photographers have a whole portfolio (or web page) with their pictures, why can’t I? Of course, I don’t think of myself as a photographer but I know a thing or two about framing (yay film major) so I have a pack of pretty decent pics and a couple really nice ones. Besides, pics are a lot shinier than blog entries and I’m all about the shiny. I just might go through my pics and throw up a few for a “see what I can do” page. Then again, I have about a million other things I haven’t done which I keep saying I’m going to do (like garden! but not in the booniverse). One of these days.

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