More Than Kittens

Last weekend (I think, or the week before) the Qs were down and MomQ brought the comforter she had made out of the scraps from the other one she had made. I’ve never shown you a picture of that one because some cat threw up on it and it needed to get washed. Then we discovered the comforter is too big for our washer. We are also lazy and haven’t gotten to the laundromat yet (ever) so no pics. Anyhow, here’s the new one all laid out. With a cat.

It’s reversible too and would have been as nice and flat as the first picture if some cat hadn’t insisted on planting their cat-butt when I flipped the comforter over.

So as you can guess, there were kittens this weekend too but I already devoted a whole post to them.

We didn’t go see Throne of Blood with Scott H and dagoski on Friday but we did drive back in to town for eats at the Arbor Brew Pub. Everyone and their uncle was also at the brew pub so we put our names in and waited outside. ABC has a pretty poor waiting area and it was crowded and noisy. Plus outside was really nice so there we waited. I took a small side trip to the chocolate store next door (poet!) and picked up a handful of tasty truffles. The sea salt caramels were pretty freekin good but the key lime were weirdly disappointing. After about 30 minutes, Scott H. and dagoski showed up and we waited another 10 for our table.

I was pretty happy about the company since we don’t see either very much at all but ABC is a disappointing pub these days. The owner had all the lights out for atmosphere or whatever and they were playing some sort of “unnnt-ssss. unnt-ssss” driving stupid music obnoxiously loud on the speakers. Thus, we couldn’t see the menu and we couldn’t hear across the table well but we could blindly feel the jams. Yo. Or whatever the appropriate response is. Scott H. had brought up his steampunk flashlight and diffuser carrying case which we pressed into table light service since we couldn’t freeking see anything. It’s pretty cool, actually…I kinda want one. Especially if we go back to ABC.

Their beer wasn’t as good as the Corner Brewery either so I’m happy staying closer to home.

One of the other non-kitten things we did was plan a Nero Wolfe dinner and a movie on Saturday with the BadGardens and DQ. Sadly there was a whole lot of sick going around (and we hadn’t cleaned like we should have) so we postponed the gig for a later, healthier time. That did give us time to clean up for Sunday’s fun plus we got a nap in. And, you know, kittens.

Sunday we were going to watch bad movies with Scott H. so we got down to scrubbing out the house. We got it scrubbed up pretty decently so if we maintain it, we can have peeps over. WHEEEE! I also made some impromptu chicken noodle soup that was rather tasty, especially with the pull apart pepper bread TheMan cooked up. Mmmmm. Our movies were some sort of weird classic 50s Sci-Fi space flick (which I was making soup during) and one of the nature disaster pack. We learned that computers can’t be trusted and that Minnesota rangers kick ass.

Stupid laptop. Stupid new comforter. Stupid kittens.

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    Little Kitty says of new kittehs, “NO DO NOT WANT!!!!”

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