Un Chat Devon-dalou

We got a telephone call tonight from Judie the cat breeder. She has decided that she will not keep the 4 month old kitten and if we were still interested in her, we could have her. YAY! She also said that she’ll call the vet to get the kitten spayed and a day or two later we can pick her up…say two weeks?

TWO WEEKS??!?! We’re not ready!

So there’s going to be a lot of kitten proofing going on because we have a lot of awesome cat toys that I don’t think we intend to be cat toys. Just looking at things that can be easily moved by a kitten let alone batted under the dresser and into the furnace ducts makes my head spin. Knickknacks? I got ’em! I also have to check out how tall the dresser foot space thing is now that I think on it, the dresser is where it is because it covers the giant hole to the heat duct. There is also the “laundry chute” which goes nowhere (actually it lands right on top of the hot water heater. Don’t ask) that we’ve leaned a mirror against and called good (good enough for old fart cats at least). Isn’t there also a heat duct hole behind the knickknack shelf? How tall is the foot thingie hole on that??? I suppose now is a better time to think of these things than when the kitten has gotten into the duct work. BLIMY!

In celebration of nothing other than I wanted to do something yesterday, I made Monster cookies. I made a half recipe and got six and a half dozen cookies. Cookies that were about handball sized because they were too gooey to make any smaller and I was getting tired of making cookies by the third tray. I didn’t think they would come out, on account of them having no flour, but they did. They are really tasty too, once you aren’t feeling poorly. I should make the other half which I have the supplies for so I can procrastinate kitten proofing the house. Two weeks? KRAZY!

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