Monster Cookies

One of the Warcraft peeps was talking about these awesomest cookies ever in the history of ever so I told him it doesn’t exist unless I have the recipe. So he sent it to me back in late July.

Then every time I logged on and he was on too he’d be all “So, did you make them yet?” Finally, enduring about a month and a half of this, I went and bought all the ingredients for a full batch. HOLY COW PEOPLE! How many tins of oatmeal is 18 cups of oats? 18!!! I don’t even know if I can conceive of 18 cups of oats let alone mix them. The ingredients sat knocking about the kitchen…aggressively (see 18 cups of oats!) until Monday when I got bored and decided to fire up a half batch. I also had eaten through the first(two) bags of M&Ms so I thought I best get baking before I ate the replacement M&Ms. Again.

Here is the recipe. I would suggest making a half batch unless your going to some kind of special function. All the measurements are going to be for the FULL batch.

1lbs. Margarine (I think butter can be used)
6 1/4 cups Peanut butter
2lbs. Brown Sugar (light or dark)
4 Cups Granulated Sugar
1Tbsp. Corn Syrup
1Tbsp. Vanilla
8 tsp Baking Soda
12 eggs
1 package of chocolate
1 package of m&m’s (normal kind, not sure if others would work)
18 Cups of oats
2tsp Salt

Bake at 350 degrees for around 15-17min.

When I was making these the only issue I had was the cooking time and removal. Each batch can be different. I found cooking them for 17 or 18 minutes worked best but my mother’s oven is old and probably doesn’t work at optimum efficiency. Getting the cookies to come off the spatula can be tricky. They don’t just slide like normal chocolate chip cookies do. DO NOT shake the spatula. I did and the cookies fell apart. Just leave a little of the cookie hanging off the spatula and that acts like a lip to catch whatever your putting them on.

1. I wasn’t positive these were going to set up at all because they have absolutely no flour (!!) so I put in a test batch of one dozen on one of my edged baking pans. they came out smart and cookie like despite being perhaps the gooiest drop cookie I’ve ever encountered. I also wasn’t feeling my best when I baked them so these were only so-so on Monday and I only had 2. Tuesday they were fantastic, which everyone has so far agreed with.

2. I went for the half recipe and used half the larger size of chocolate chips and half the 1 pounder M&M bag.

3. Whilst in the process of baking the cookies, I let them sit for 7ish to 10ish minutes on the sheet when they came out of the oven and I had no problems with cookies sticking. Mum, my Warcraft friend, is too impatient to let the batch sit (and also makes a full batch more often than not so he’s got a lot of baking) so he uses the careful scoop method. Whichever floats your boat but I like my way better because it caters to the lazy.

4. I baked all the sheets for 15 minutes and that seemed to work well. I was also dropping handball sized cookies so if you do smaller cookies you might want to cut the time by a minute or so. I noticed my smaller cookies weren’t as chewy as the bigger ones and the chewier cookies were tastier.

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2004: I’m also planning on making Halloween cut out cookies some time this weekend to bring into work. Mostly because I have a cat cookie cutter I bought for no apparent reason other than I thought I might not have a cat and it was cute.

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