Things and Weekend Stuff

Rumtopf! We are done with the adding of the fruit, mostly because we ran out of room to add anything.

Rumtopf was actually completed sometime last week but I just stumbled on the pictures while looking for something to put up on today’s entry. The smaller finished Topfs have strawberries, blueberries, cherries, tart plums and pears. The bigger one had more room so there is a layer of apples on top of the pears. I also discovered how much air space to leave at the top the hard way; I was cleaning up 151 and sugar for quite some time after Rumtopfing. Now they sit and do their sitting thing until Christmas/New Years and then ParTAY!

Since Tess was due to arrive Halloween weekend, we got our cleaning on something fierce this weekend. We found the computer room (YAY!) and a bedroom corner. Mostly I hauled out the Kitchen-Aid box and stuffed it brim full of recyclables. I had no idea we had so many boxes around but apparently we are one box having household. I also organized quite a lot of things (which were, oddly enough, in boxes waiting to go somewhere. Go figure) which made me feel really accomplished. All my figurine ‘fonts are now in a glassed in display cabinet and away from curious kitten paws. I went through the small knickknack shelf and packaged away the rocks, relocated the ‘fonts and decided the Godzillas and Bit chargers would have to fend for themselves because I didn’t feel like dusting them. I looked at the bigger knickknack shelves and decided organizing my closet was an easier task.

So I did that. I should have pulled out the Halloween box though. Hrrmmm. Anyway my closet is once again organized. I also baked zucchini bread on Saturday (still procrastinating) and pulled out the reject blankie project to figure out what size hook I was using (note to self and other crochet project makers: Always write down what size hook you are using if you are using a size other than what the directions recommend. You’re craft PSA for the day). I put quite a lot of rows on said blanket not cleaning up the bigger knickknack shelves but since Little Kitty sacked out on top of the project while I was crocheting it, I’m counting that as quality kitty time and not “Not cleaning” time. I have a millionty ends to weave in on that project. Yikes. On the plus side, I think I might have figured out the hook size. Ish.

Speaking of crochet, I cleaned and organized all my yarn stuff (not doing the shelves). Apparently I have a couple projects I’ve not finished hanging around that I completely forgot about. I’m quite a few squares into frankenblanket and I have six or so large squares of something or other I was doing sometime in the past. I’m considering making a few more squares, tacking them together and calling it a kitty blanket. The squares already made are…well…I think they were the first squares I’d ever attempted. They aint pretty.

I never did get to the larger knickknack shelves so that’s on the plan for this week. No worries though, we got a call from the breeder tonight and the vet can’t get Tess in until November 2nd anyway so we have a week more to panic. I mean clean.

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