Henchman’s Lament: a Picto-story

Me me me me me me me.

Hey Beaker, how’s it going?

Me me.

Oh, I see. Yeah that’s going to need some cleaning.

Hi all. Nice decorations. What’s with the ghosts?

Batteries exploded.

Hmmm. That does not look good. I liked those ghosts too.

Can you magic them clean?

Not yet, I’m only an apprentice. I thought you pirates were big on the scrubbing.

I don’t do acid.

Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.


Awwww. I liked those ghosts too. Can we save them?

Save who?

The ghosts. Beaker says the batteries leaked and now the ghosts don’t work.

Did you try cleaning them up?

Me me me me me me me me!

I’m not sure that’s the best idea and besides, we don’t have any salmon. I was thinking a little topical soap and a wire brush.

Me me me me?

I don’t have time, I’m already late for a finger sized Tokyo stomping. See you all later.

I think I have a brush. You sticking around?

Me me

The pumpkin looks good.

2009: That would be a copyright date of 1971 for those of you who are curious. Also check out the price: 75 cents! Less than a dollar!

2008: OK, I just asked the Baby Jesus and he is perfectly fine with post dating so I’m thinking about BloPoHoHoing in high boo style.

2007: Then we had LunarGeography and Badmovie over for pork loin and movies and sometime in the midst of all that, this pumpkin acquired a hot pad beret. Apparently, he/she/it is French.

2006: I don’t recommend crocheting while partaking of rum and itty bitty Cokes while listening to comedy. On the other hand, whoever gets the blanket will have a fun time playing find the rum errors.

2005: JSFR: Hitikuchi Monaka

2004 I’m not sure exactly how the movie started out because I was playing with my shiny cookie cutters but as far as I know, you can skip the first 20 minutes and not miss much. Plus, you get to organize your cookie cutters by holiday that way too.

2003: Five things that:

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