Halloween 2010

No real pumpkins this year but we’re still festive.

We’ve been cleaning like mad things so no pumpkins were carved this year. That’s OK, we have a fall back in a bunch of metal pumpkin fellas.

Here’s the whole lot. We have 4 tiny pumpkins that I hooked in the porch posts and 2 larger pumpkins we hung on hooks. Festive for 10 minutes of scrambled decorating. As far as the seasonal trick or treating tally:

2001 = 50
2002 = 55
2003 = 33
2004 = 54
2005 = 55
2006 = 26
2007 = 37
2008 = 32
2009 = 10
2010 = 12

At least we beat our previous year’s tally but still. 12 is kinda pathetic. I think there are just not as many kids in the neighborhood as there were. They are also probably going to some Trick or Treat safely whatever at a school. Ahhh the bygone times of actually going to other people’s house and demanding candy. Is the world really that much more dangerous?

We split our evening between watching Zombieland, editing the Smithees for UCon (TheMan), boogering around with pictures (hello), crocheting (damn ends, I need an end weaving gnome) and general boogery so it wasn’t so bad a night for us. Little Kitty camped out on my crochet project for a while and by 9 we called it in terms of Trick or Treaters.

2009: TEN! Ten people came to our door, what’s THAT about?

2008: You would think that a giant sized pumpkin would have oodles of pumpkin seeds but not so much.

2007: Happy Halloween all! We’re all set at the Q house for a night of spooky fun. We’ve got cheeses, wine, Ghost Hunters on the TV and a bowl full of toys for Trick-or-Treaters.

2006: Just as I was rounding the rocking chair hung with rejected strings of lights, the door opened and little costumed tykes started burbling into the house! Ahhhhh-HEY! What – NO TRICK OR TREATERS IN MY HOUSE! Get out you! And you too! Out!

2005: We did not get our pumpkins carved, which means tonight will be another episode of the seven second Jack-o-lantern.

2004: Just a bit of seasonal joy.


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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    No, it’s not more dangerous. Statistically, a kid is much more likely to be harmed by a family member or someone known to the family. In fact, the only case of poisoned Hween candy was a father trying to kill his son (he succeeded and later was executed for his crimes). Personally, if I had a kid, I’d *want* to peruse the neighborhood and see exactly who is living in it. If the guy in the next block answers his door and is drooling and hitting up on my daughter, I’d like to know about it thanks.
    It’s too bad that everyone is so afraid of everything these days…I blame the breakdown of the community among many other social factors.

  2. Kevin Says:


    I liked Zombieland quite a bit. Good choice!

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