And a Happy All Saints Day to You

We are some cardboard having fools!

We got a week reprieve from kitten watch ought 10 but some unfortunate family matters came up so not as much was accomplished as it could have been. I managed to find the entire bedroom floor (including under the bed – hello missing sock, hello missing clipboard!) and dragged up another two boxes for cardboard recycling, but a lot of our plans were put on hold due to THINGS AND STUFF.

Not to be all mysterious, which I think I might be failing at, but it’s not my story to tell other than “Yeah, we rearranged plans due to an unfortunate happening.” Everyone’s alive and in perfect hibernation decent health so no worries there. We just spent a lot more time on family matters and a lot less time fixing the giant kitten swallowing furnace vent holes than we had hoped. Aaaaand we discovered that the other giant vent hole we thought we covered up was apparently just covered up with a bookshelf. A bookshelf with a kitten scooting hole at its feet. Sigh. I’m taking a vacation day Wednesday to patch giant kitten eating holes and other sundry errands we didn’t get to this weekend.

I did play a little Warcraft though and I have a new goal: I want to get my dr00d to 80 before the expansion. That’s 14 levels in a little over a month which is…hmmm. Maybe I ought to rethink this idea. Anyway, I took my baby dr00d out for a spin and wow (the expression but relating to game play) is tanking on a dr00d a lot of fun. Stoopid Blizzard and their Pally tank killing ways. I also had a lot of fun boogering around on Halloween getting an entire level by Trick or Treating (and exploring) alone. That was hella stupid fun, especially when I discovered that I had run out of level appropriate towns to trick or treat in but hadn’t quite leveled yet. Thus, I wound up in Northrend with a WAY too tiny toon running from town to town until I leveled up. I also died quite a lot but hey, I had fun.

NaNoBlowMe has started and I think I’m going to “participate”. This will be the fourth consecutive November in which I will have posted every day (assuming I make it this year) but I am playing by my rules. Post dating is not verboten and in fact, highly encouraged. Well, maybe not encouraged but certainly not frowned upon. I will try to not get more than a week behind. Stay tuned for more recipes, picto-blogs and double JSFR posting (brought to you by Bubbles this month).

Alright, enough blather. I need to save something to talk about for tomorrow.

2009: JSFR: Royal Family Mochi Choco Ball (Peanut)

2008: JSFR: Maeil Caffe Latte (classic mild)

2007: She actually said “So…when we agreed on 8, was that 8 this time zone?”

2006: Also, apparently, a good number of costumed urchins tripped up on the low wall of wood thingits and took a header in my flower bed to be.

2005: In the end, we decided to count them because they were hard core Trick-or-Treating in the pouring rain and you gotta admire that sort of dedication.

2004: They are like tiny chewable maraca heads, definitely possessing much of the shiny! Shaka-shaka-rattle-CHEW!

2003: JSFR: Yan Yan (chocolate)

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