Election Day Picto-blogging

We got up and did that voting thing this morning and then it was off to start the rest of our day. They really should sell coffee and donuts at the polls, they would totally clean up. The five or so of us in line wholeheartedly agreed; especially since none of us had yet had coffee. Or donuts.

It’s getting to be that time of year when the quad is dusky (or perhaps more appropriately dawny) yet the Reading Room lights are festively blazing away. It’s not quite there yet (and this weekend will set back that time even further) but one of these dark fall/winter mornings I will bring a tripod out and try to capture the awesome that is the Reading Room on a dark morning.

Here’s a look-see at the construction progress. You can see that they have finally started putting in the glass panes.

Here’s the west side of the commons area which is almost completely glassed over except for the fiddly hard bits. I do not blame the glassing construction dudes, that looks like a pain to put in.

Here’s the east side still in progress. They’ve begun another phase of the commons construction which involves drilling into the Legal Research building. It makes lunch kind of interesting what with the loud Dttt-dtt-dttt-dttt-dtt-dttt-dttt.

It could have something to do with whatever is going on beyond the commons area platform. They are scurrying around doing STUFF there which might involve drilling.

Here’s the patched hole that used to be the skyway. Nicely done construction dudes!

Inside they are finishing up with the fire and safely thing-it construction which resulted in these silly nooks being built around the stair wells and elevators. I have to say though, this one really cleaned up nicely. The 9th floor elevator nook isn’t so lucky; it’s too tiny and not well lit. Ah well, they can’t all be winners.

I wandered into the stacks to get a pic of the new building and lo! Keen new windows. These are weirdly small and square but the other floors seem to have regular sized windows. I forgot which floor I was on when I took this but perhaps the small squareness of the windows has to do with where they are in relation to the new stacks work.

Speaking of other building…tada!

I never noticed but the center arch only has one giant tree. Or maybe I have but I forgot it until I noticed it this evening.

The anonymous flagstone chalkers did not chalk me a donkey to wrap up this entry so a pineapple will have to do.

2009: Saturday was a giant waste of Halloween. I don’t want to talk about it, Halloween and I aren’t speaking anymore. Hrrmph.

2008: JSFR: Maeil Caffe Latte (mocha)

2007: I mean, how could you not get a Pittzu or a Sharpschund or a Dalhuahua?

2006: I bet you would buy coffee and donuts while standing in line to vote.

2005: BTW, “Francois” is in the Word dictionary. See? SEE!

2004: Exercise your right to have a say in our country’s leadership and all that rah rah vote stuff. No really, it’s good for you.

2003: I wonder if they released the rest of the dinners back into the wild once they figured out we weren’t going to order them? I forgot to ask.

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