Karate, Lazy Bastard Voice, Upstaged by Bush and an Appearance by Bus Dude Dave.

I ditched Karate last night, although not kid’s class. I need to get back into the dojo swing of things but at the moment I have this weird school apathy that is riding along hand in hand with an actual fondness for the arts themselves. I don’t really want to go to the dojo but I am all about puttering around with my martial arts and practicing stuff. In fact, the other day I spent about 20 minutes working on the intro to a form. 20 minutes! I was going to go through all six of the forms but something was just not happening right in the intro so I ditched my original plans and worked on a sequence that consisted of a block, a punch, a step and a shift. Over and over I was doing block, punch, step, shift until I decided that what I really needed work on was step, shift so that is what I did for 10 of those 20 minutes. Where did I get that kind of mental discipline to spend 10 minutes doing nothing but step, shift? Come on, I’m Ms. Oooo, Shiny!

Yesterday I tootled over to the promotions board and saw that both Amy and Jennifer are now Gokyu (green belt). Go guys! Whooo! That’s really awesome and I am all excited for them even though there is a little voice inside that says “Foo. I coulda done that. I coulda been a green belt too.” This time, I’m just going to kick that little voice in the head because that voice is one lazy bastard. That’s the voice that comes up with all the excuses for why I shouldn’t be working out or doing what I am supposed to be doing and then is all “Hey, where’s MY piece of the pie?” when the rewards come out. Hey, you know what I figured out? Short cutting it just isn’t getting the job done. I don’t know the material because I haven’t come to class like I should have been so I’m not going to get promoted. Plus, it’s not about the belt, it’s about how well you know the stuff and quite frankly, I wouldn’t promote me given how I perform. Yark! Maybe when I have worked a little harder I’ll feel like I might be ready for Gokyu-ship but for now I’m happy to be puttering along and working on the material I do know.

I sort of wonder if everyone has a little voice like this and some people listen to it more while some people ignore it more. And then there are the people who worship the little lazy bastard voice but we wont get in to that.

So, yesterday in kid’s class I noticed what a freak I have become. We were doing this one technique from part of a form that ended up in a front stance. Well, it does if you are not me. I somehow decided that bow stance, which is sorta like front stance only not Karate like at all, was a much more efficient way of doing things so that’s the way it came out. Then when I noticed that, I was all “Awwww, bow stance! Hello bow stance. Long time no see, how are ya doing?” It gave me a warm happy feeling to be standing in bow stance for whatever reason and when I decided that I really ought to be sticking to Karate I was sad that I wasn’t going to be in bow stance anymore. Freak I tell you! First it’s the whole work on a single move thing, then it’s the “Yeah, I really need to work on the material I know rather than learn new material” philosophy and now I’m all happy like when I’m standing around in bow stance. FREAK!

Next thing you know I’ll actually start going to classes! Hooo!

On the other weird news I saw Bus Dude Dave today! Yessiree, I was hanging around while Alessar ate his turkey dog and one of the U busses rounded the corner we were on. Who should be driving it but Bus Dude Dave. He waved too! Hee!

Lastly I’d like to thank Bush for planning a war the year I am going to get married. Bastard. I had my plans first and now it’ll always be that I got married the first year of The Terror War or whatever they wind up calling it. Pffft. It’s probably going to have some stupid name like that too. Did he even bother to check with me first to see what I was doing? Noooo-ooo, he just went on and planned his little war. All I’m saying is that he just better not show up in the same dress or I’m going to be right pissed.

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