My Kitten is so Going to Jump into the Furnace

I took the day off today because we had a consultation with the doc about the (ever) continuing quest for babyQ and we have not yet finished kitten proofing the house.

My goal was to get in and out at the doctor’s office, go home for a wee nap and start in on the kitten proofing. What I didn’t expect was to cool my heels in the doctor’s office for an hour waiting for the doctor to get in. Yeah, our doctor rolled in at around 9:30 for an 8:45 appointment. All I can say is I feel for any of his earlier appointments because 9:30? Daaaaaang. Of course we didn’t get to see him until even later than that which got us out of there in time for lunch. I’m glad I took the vacation day since I would have been pissed at having to waste an entire half sick day on what was pretty much about an hour of stuff and two hours of waiting.

I got home after 12:30, took a nap (because I was really tired and cranky) and then took a look at what I had to do before picking TheMan back up at work. I guess I should have done something but I decided to hell with life and played some Warcraft. At least I did something yeah? *sigh* Maybe I can throw some screen stuff over the giant furnace hole and call it good. On the plus side, the bedroom only really needs a few things shuttled out of it, a solid vacuuming (and a swiffering for good measure) and a longer extension cord for the lights and it’s pretty much done.

We did not do anything in the evening because it was a Mssr. Gonkweasel game night. Yeah, I shoulda cancelled and done kitten things just like I should have done kitten things instead of napped (although I was really in an antisocial mood complete with brain eating headache which the nap alleviated fairly well) and I should have said I can’t do Warcraft raiding on account of being lazy with the kitten prep but somehow I think I can get it all done so I don’t. Anyone know a good kitten extractor for when she falls into the holes?

Hey! We did go visit one of the Pet stores (Smart? Co? I don’t know) and looked at cat trees. I am underwhelmed by their configuration though so we’ll keep on looking.

In Warcraft news, we downed the Lich King last week (woot) and our healer had her kid on Halloween (I called it! WOOT!) and yesterday we finished off The Ruby Sanctum so go us. At the moment we are boogering around tying up loose ends which is kinda fun. We’re also checking out the nerd point accomplishments and knocking those off the list. Tomorrow it’s Yog-Whatever. After that I have no idea.

OK, gotta go gotta go. See you tomorrow. Also? TWO DAYS!!! ARRRGH!

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2005: Kitten is not going to fall through the pile of stuff that was there.

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2003: And the furnace hole is larger than life. Or at least kitten.

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  1. Bubbles Says:

    Grats on your Kingslaying! We’re getting closer…had to learn defile placement (OMG HAAAAAAAATE) and we had some really horrible pugs one run that wipe us to the jumping disease thing like ten times in a row until we said fark it and stopped, but we’re getting there.

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