I was going to title this post Tesseract but the spell check doesn’t know geometry. It was pretty helpful though, suggesting some other words I might have meant. Like perhaps Tessellate? No, but I like that word better since my bald kitty has gone and caught herself a sinus cold and won’t be coming home with us this weekend.

I called the breeder tonight to arrange a time to pick up the kitty but alas. She is full of snot (the kitten, not the breeder) and the breeder wants to keep her for a full run of the antibiotics. Today is only day 3 so this weekend is out. TheMan was majorly bummed because he was geeked about the 7th anniversary being the “kitten” anniversary and now no kittens for a while (in case you were curious, the traditional gift is wool or copper while the modern gift is a desk set. Kittens is way cooler than any of the official gifts). We did get the “kitten letter” which Judie sends out to all her prospective cat buyers and now I’m even more impressed with her. She lays out a very comprehensive ‘to do’ list for acclimatizing your new cat, feeding your new kitten, caring for your kitten and some things to watch out for in Devons. Apparently they are dirty eared cats so regular ear cleaning should be on the schedule. I should really make that a habit in the Q house because the Little Kitty has some goopy, goopy ears.

The instructions also go on to say that she’ll cover up to $200 in vet bills for the first two years on any genetic issues if the kittens should get ill and that if the kitten is not a good fit she’ll take it back for an exchange or refund. All she asks is to keep the kitten for two or three weeks to see if there really is a problem. I have a lot of respect for a breeder who looks out for her cats like that. If anyone is in the market for a Yoda looking, people loving cat I absolutely recommend Bluegenes cattery out of Canton, MI.

In the interim, we will have more time to get the Q house into shape. I cleaned 90% of the bedroom Thursday in between raid breaks and found lots of missing things under the bed. None of them were Jimmy Hoffa unless he decayed into giant dust grizzlies or bits of paper. I found four more zombies wandering around under the bed as well and might have vacuumed up a fifth by accident. I think perhaps some cat of mine got a little enthusiastic about zombies when we had them out and relocated the lot under the bed. I also found a million cat toys including the bluetopus and woolly sheep when I moved the furniture. I’m selectively trimming down the cat toy collection as I move the bed, dresser, nightstand and find 8 year’s worth of impulse cat toy buys. Only toys we’ve named get to stay plus that one mousie that hasn’t yet been swatted under the dresser.

The bedroom looks really nice by the way. It’s amazing what a little picking up and dusting can do for a room. We were going to mesh over the heating vents but we’ve run into another problem; our staple gun has gone AWOL as well as the tin snips. I’m beginning to think that the vents don’t want to be fixed.

In non-kitty news, I’ve come up with yet another “thing” to do. I have this pan called a Baporoma pan and recently I rediscovered all the recipes that came with it. I’ll write up a whole post about it later, because I have to write something for every day of the month through December, so be prepared for more recipes.

2009: This recipe came about because I got a steal on a 15lb bag of potatoes. Of course then I had 15lbs of potatoes and there are only the two of us.

2008: It still feels like marking on a fill in the circle ballot with magic marker won’t work. It makes me nervous; I want a Number 2 pencil.

2007: I finished reading my book of the (past) month sometime around 4 in the morning on Saturday because I’m a dork.

2006: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (onion)

2005: JSFR: Maccha Caramel.

2004: Hopefully Tess soon!

2003: I’m not so fond of writing Q though because, well, it looks really dorky in cursive. Maybe I ought to amend that, it looks really dorky when *I* write it in cursive. It’s a 2.

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