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Welcome to Wednesday where nothing much really has gone down but I blather anyway. I can blather with the best of them!

Last night, TheMan worked somewhat late so I told him that he had to come pick me up. Heh! I also told him (in an e-mail AND when I phoned him 10 minutes before he was going to be able to leave his work) to remember my Yo-fruit, or Yo-granola. Or whatever the thing was called that I bought (it was really tasty! 2 kinds of yogurt, fresh froots and granola. The Yum!) but didn’t eat all of. I figured I’d munch it down on the way home. Can you munch yogurt? Or is it more of a slurping thing? Anyway, TheMan busted butt so fast out of the office he forgot my yo-whatever. Sadness.

So I told him he had to take me out to eat!

Well, it seemed totally reasonable. He forgot my yo-thing so I figure he owes me eats right?

Anyway, after picking up the camera (squeee!), which they either repainted and cleaned the beegeebus out of it or replaced the whole darned thing, we meandered over to Godaiko. I’m not sure on the placement of Godaiko with respect to the local Japanese eats. Yotsuba still has my heart so they have the top spot but Godaiko is a really darned fine Japanese restaurant. Plus, it was close to the camera docs so there we went.

Mmmm, sushi.

I used to have a friend, Mike (hi Mike, wherever you went to), who was my sushi buddy. Once a month, we’d frequent one of the three places in town (before Yotsuba’s time) and have sushi. When you “have sushi” you gotta at least try some new stuff along with the old favorite stand bys. It’s the rules. We’d get some California rolls, maybe some asparagus rolls and then a couple rolls off the menu that just looked interesting. Eel? Taaasty! Sea Urchen? Disgusting. Sadly, Mike moved away so I haven’t “done” sushi in a while because TheMan always gets the chirashi bowl and when you “do” sushi the point is to be creative and eat fun things with someone else. Otherwise, it’s just going out to eat in a Japanese setting.

Last night, I “did” sushi with TheMan. Sorta. He still got the chirashi bowl (cuz he gots to have his chirashi) but we split an order of “hot California” rolls. They are California rolls that have been deep fried and then drizzled with a hot chili sauce and a hot mustard sauce. And they are the TAYsty. You know, to me it sounded like it could be something good, or it could be something bad but sometimes you just gotta go for it and hop it’s not sea urchin. It wasn’t. I think it was even better than eel, and I’m really fond of eel.

I also got a single piece of lobster sushi and it was…lobster. I don’t think I have the lobster appreciation gene because I keep tasting it with the hopes that it will be as good as everyone says it is. People everywhere are all bugnuts in love with lobster and personally, I think crab tastes a million times better. Lobster is just…eh. And the sushi piece was just…eh. I mean it was good, but I as I ate it I thought “You know what would make this REALLY good? Crab! Or maybe some shrimp. Mmmm, shrimp” and one just ought not to be thinking those thoughts while eating lobster right?

Afterwards we of course went to the little Asian grocery store because it’s right next to Godaiko and it has the best prices for Japanese Snack Food. And and it has a metric ton of snack food. There is more snack food than I can hope to review there but I’m going to try my darndest to get through as much as I can. I think it drives TheMan slightly bonkers because I can spend hours ogling the snack foods and I always come out with at least something. Last night was no exception, despite having about three things lying around at home unreviewed and the entire month of August (or whatever part of it can be filled up) dedicated to guest reviewers. Well, how can anyone resist cheese cake pocky? It’s shiny! It’s new! It’s pocky! I also got something (and I say something not to be coy but because the packaging tells me absolutely nothing about the product) which I fell in love with. I was going to review it right when I got home I liked it so much. TheMan even found something that tickled his fancy so once again we are inundated with JSF.

Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Today I had leftover edamame (snap pea looking things) for a snack and as a public service announcement, I’d like to say that one should have the bean casing fully in one’s mouth before trying to pop out the little bean/pea fella out of it. Otherwise, the edamame beans will go flying off to parts unknown.

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