A Very Smitheelicious Weekend

This was UCon weekend and of course the mini Smithees.

UCon started on Friday and although I usually don’t attend the con on Friday, I went to help David the Muppet King with his charity table. His work funds this project called EFHY which stands for…ummm…Educational Foundation for Homeless Youth? Sounds sort of right. Anyway, he had a table smack dab at the front of the dealer’s room where people could give money or games and along with manning the table, we checked badges.

It was pretty fun and I took a stroll around the dealer’s room to check things out. I found the most awesome pair of sparkle frog earrings at this one lady who had a really eclectic table. They were in a bucket marked $1 per pair. Sadly I had no money so I buried the frogs to come back Saturday and buy them. I also found, at another table, the second most ugly dice set in the world. They were hot pink, disturbing gray and pearly white and reminded me of those Brach’s Neapolitan coconut sundae candies. I thought about buying them but I have quite a lot of dice already and…I kinda wanted to eat them more than roll them.

I like those Neapolitan doogers.

On Saturday I went back early with badmovie and LunarGeography who wanted to catch some of the con before the show. I decided, finally, that it was neigh time to get my hair cut since it’s been driving me nuts for about two months now. Plus, I always tend to get it cut it at Smithee times and Saturday afternoon was the last shot I had before the show. I’d been waffling because while I could get a really good cut it would cost me more than I wanted to really spend on hair. On the other hand, I could get it cut at the hair studio for aspiring hair students but that was sort of a crap shoot in quality and it takes forEVER to get anything done there.

As it turned out the hair students place was booked so I went to the barber show down the street who not only got me in and out zippity quick, it didn’t cost me the bank. I think I have a new hair cutting place!

Since I had more time than I thought, I went back to sniffer out where badmovie and LG had gotten off to and lo! I ran into dagoski! We both continued the quest and found both in the open tables of the dealer’s room with Dominion, which we promptly opened up and played a few hands of. We met several people in the course of our game (which I won no hand of but had an absolute blast playing) including one of my old dojo instructors. That was pretty cool.

All too soon TheMan and DQ arrived with the equipment and it was time to set up for DA SHOW! Which we did. We had 28 people at our max count and 33 vote packet (for a maximum number of people who came to the show). As always I’m sometimes puzzled by what clips the audience loves and what they are really rather ‘men’ about. I was sure the Kraa! gremlin looking creature would get some love (Hee hee, look what I did to your CITY!!) but he was fairly low on the list at the end of the night.

Sunday we wandered back but alas, the dealer’s room was closed. Sniff. I had procured my sparkle frog earrings the day before (and as an extra bonus I found another sparkle frog earring set in a different color) but we were about 10 minutes too late to score any last day con deals. Instead, we went to the Mayfair game room and grabbed a couple of games to test out. Pretty soon the whole con was done and we went home.

2009: JSFR: Quancheng Foods Crisp Rice Ball

2008: JSFR: Haitai Candy (Nurungy rice flavor)

2007: My plan was to crack an eye open about 7am, laugh at my poor coworkers who had to go into work and then roll over and sleep in.

2006: Upon further inspection of my melting massacre, he discovered that the only reason the Teflon roller fella didn’t catch the entire copier on fire is that the heat also melted some restraining something or other which caused a metal roller fella to go shooting off into the fuser unit’s power supply (or PS analog).

2005: Hee hee hee.

2004: The towel landed in the tub and I have no idea how the cat did not because at one point in time 75% of the cat was hovering over the water.

2003: JSFR: Chocolate Pucca!

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