Ten Presents Packaged

Cookies and the Origins of Playing Santa.

The cookie debate still rages on because I did NO baking whatsoever this weekend. Meow also did not make an appearance and I did not stop by the condo to pick up my 4 cookie sheets so there you have it. The weekend wasn’t all sloth though, I did do all the dishes and nearly all the laundry, wrapped the remaining Christmas Presents, went shopping (at 9:30 in the morning, thankyouverymuch) and ran another load of stuff over to TheMan’s friends house so I’m not feeling too bad about accomplishments. I figure I’ll be a baking fool all this week after picking up the extra cookie sheets and get G’ma’s gift out by Saturday-ish or so. Hey, I got the dishes done! I think that in itself deserves a medal.

I also seem to be behind on my 12 days of Christmas, I think, so I will pick a topic for today and start my blathering. Today, it’s all about presents, considering mine are now under wraps (hee, I slay me!). I am not entirely sure when Christmas switched from a “me me me!” holiday to an “everyone else” holiday but somewhere in growing up I have found it’s a lot more fun to give than receive. Yeah, that sounds tres cliché but so what? Can I help it if finding the right present for someone, wrapping it up and then keeping it a secret from them for the rest of the time before presenting it is exciting? And the best part is, after staying mum about the whole thing for ever, watching their reaction when they see what I got them. Wheeee! I live for that.

In part I think it’s all about growing up. Little kids are generally pretty selfish and I was no exception. Christmas was always about what Santa left ME or what Grandma got ME and with a little coaxing I was reminded that I should get presents for my sis, my mom, my dad, etc. Even then it was more about giving presents to people because you expected presents back from them. It was all about the presents.

In part it’s about figuring people out. The older you get the better able you are to know what people might want and the better you can gauge what people might like until it becomes just as gratifying to see someone enjoy what you have chosen for them as it is to get something from someone. I guess everyone likes getting stuff and for me, I feel all happy when I have made someone else feel happy. I love playing Santa. It’s still all about the presents but for other people.

In part it’s about family too. The older I get the more I realize that Christmas and Easter and a bunch of other holidays are really more about gathering your loved ones close and sharing time with them. At Christmas this is expressed with gifts and feasts and, should you be of a religious nature, probably a mass of some sort. It’s a reaffirming of family ties. It’s about telling your kin that you still think of them by presenting a gift that you put some thought and effort into acquiring. Even if it’s what they asked for, it still shows that you listened to them. It’s all about the thought behind the presents.

And the best part about presents is the anticipation. Mine are hanging out upstairs at this very moment, hiding behind their wrapping and waiting for the day when their recipients tear them open and get that look of “Oooo!” on their faces. It’s all about the presents.

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